How to fix an unknown error occurred (−1) − iphone, ipad, ipod touch

"When I connect my iPhone lớn iTunes, it gets stuchồng at the iTunes biểu tượng logo. When I try khổng lồ restore or recover, it goes fine till around 60%. Then it tells me, "iPhone could not be restored unknown error 1, does anyone know how lớn fix iTunes error 1?"-Apple Communitiy

Many users restore their iPhone in order to lớn fix some software problems, & it usually works really well. But sometime they may notice that an error 1 appears và they cannot finish the restoring, this is one of the comtháng iTunes errors. iTunes restore error 1 is an error indicates that there is an issue with the hardware itself. Apple recommends that you perkhung troubleshooting security software issues & restore your device in a good, working computer. If the problem still exists, you may need to lớn go to the Apple service. But before that, you can always try the solutions recommended in this article khổng lồ get a không lấy phí repair of iTunes error 1 by yourself.

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Part 1: Comtháng Solutions to lớn Repair iTunes Error 1

Here we have sầu rounded up the some comtháng ways of fixing và repairing iTunes error when restoring as well as upgrading or downgrading your iPhone X/8/8 Plus7/7Plus/6, iPod and máy tính bảng iPad.

Solution 1: Update iTunes to lớn the lathử nghiệm version

In many cases, iTunes error 1 occurs due to old iTunes version and you can simply get this error repaired by upgrading your iTunes version. If you don"t know whether you have installed the lakiểm tra version of iTunes, you can check it according lớn the following steps:

Windows: Choose Help -> Cheông xã for Updates

Mac: Choose iTunes -> Check for Updates

After checking, simple download & install any available iTunes updates.

Solution 2: Disconnect other USB devices that connected on your computer

USB devices can sometimes mess up data communication between iTunes & your iPhone, here is what you should do:

Disconnect any devices connected khổng lồ your computer such as cameras, printers, dangling cords, thẻ readers, và so onConnect your iPhone to its cableRestart your computerLaunch the iTunes again & have another try of restoring

Solution 3: Deactivate or uninstall antivi khuẩn software or firewall on your computer

Software like antivi khuẩn or firewall can protect your computer from the attack of other certain data. However, you need to lớn keep these programs up to date & configure them khổng lồ protect your computer effectively. If there"s a router on the local network, additional security policy applied on the router may bloông xã some data required lớn restore your iPhone.

Part 2: Fix iTunes Error 1 with Free Tenortóm tắt TunesCare

As said above sầu, if you are failed to lớn update khổng lồ the lakiểm tra iTunes version, I think Tenortóm tắt TunesCare is the best choice khổng lồ detect your iTunes problems và reintasll your iTunes to the lademo version. Except the mentioned feature, TunesCare is also a advanced tool to fix all iTunes errors in one click.

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If your iPhone performs abnormally, you will see the interface below. Cliông xã "Repair iTunes" to lớn download iTunes drives và repair iTunes following the wizard.

Part 3: Bypass iTunes Error 1 with Tenorcốt truyện ReiBoot

Error negative sầu 1 can also be iOS system error at the boot màn chơi. This can simply be fixed with a restore lớn factory defaults. But some users have the truoble in restoring their iPhone. They find that the devices stucked in recovery mode. If you are facing the same problems now, we recommkết thúc you Tenorchia sẻ ReiBoot khổng lồ exit recovery mode và repair your iPhone operating system in one click.

3. Download & install ReiBoot on your computer and then run the software & connect iPhone khổng lồ computer. Cliông chồng "Start" button once the device is recognized.

4. Then,you"ll see an interface like below. You can click "Standard Repair" to repair system.

5. The whole process will take few minutes; bởi vì not disconnect the device during the process. Once the repairing process ends, your iOS device will boot up as normal.



Done! Hope the methods in this post can help you solve your annoying iTunes errors and restore iPhone successfully. If you still have sầu questions in fixing and bypassing the error 1 or other iTunes error, you can leave us a message in the bình luận section, we"ll reply you as soon as possible!