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Are you a musical genius? Prove your worth lớn your girlfriend’s father in Friday Night Funkin! Press the right keys in tune lớn the music lớn get a kiss as a reward!


We say sing-off but in reality, you’ll just need lớn press the right arrow keys at the right time. It sounds easy until you get khổng lồ harder levels where the tempo is much faster. Can you still get permission from her father when your love is on the line? Try your best in this funny và entertaining music trò chơi now.

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Participate in a Sing-Off

In modern games, there are plenty of things you can vày when it comes to lớn music. But the most common games involving music seems to lớn be the rhythm-type ones. This is where you will just tap different keys khổng lồ correctly time them in accordance to the music being played. In Friday Night Funkin, this is exactly what you’ll be doing except with a few twists here and there. First, you’ll need to get the permission of the father of your girlfriend lớn get her kiss.


Then, you’ll need to lớn battle each other in sing-off to lớn prove your worth. This is done by trying khổng lồ out-sing each other by tapping the right keys in sync to the beat. The more accurate you are, the more the green bar will move. You can practice in the trò chơi if you’re a complete beginner before going khổng lồ the battle. There’s also a Story Mode and a free Play where you can vày whatever you want.

Overall, the trò chơi follows the PC game closely & it gives users a different type of visuals from the ones we’re used to.

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Friday Night Funkin Features

Do you want to lớn impress your girlfriend’s father so bad you participate in a sing-off? Prove your worth in Friday Night Funkin & sing khổng lồ the beat!

Music Rhythm trò chơi – If music is your passion, then you must have played a lot of these games by now. After all, there are thousands of music-related games available khổng lồ be played right now. However, if you’re looking for a trò chơi that isn’t available anywhere, try Friday Night Funkin. This exclusive game is from the same popular PC trò chơi loved by many. Here, you’ll need lớn prove your worth by singing!


By singing, you need to hit the right arrow keys as they pop up in different times. This is in response to lớn the song that’s being played in the guise of you singing. But here, you’ll battle a lot of people including your girlfriend’s father to lớn get his permission. The more accurate you are, the more chances of you winning!

Story Mode and free Play – In this world, no problem can’t be solved by a sing off! In Friday Night Funkin, that’s exactly what this game is all about! First, you’ll battle your lover’s dad so that you can get a kiss from your girlfriend. Then, you’ll be on a fun battle spree against top singers! Aside from that, you can practice freely in the không lấy phí Play so that you will be ready when the time comes.

In this game, you’ll also need khổng lồ take lưu ý of the progress bar below the screen as this indicates how close you are to winning. When the green bar is more visible, it means that you’re winning. But when it reaches the end and it’s red, you’ll lose!


Various opponents & songs – Aside from fighting the dad, you’ll also get to lớn experience battling other expert singers in here. You’ll sing different songs that have fun beats và different tempos. The further you get, the harder the songs will be! But you just need lớn be quick and be accurate and press the right keys at the right time lớn win.

Visually-appealing graphics – Friday Night Funkin isn’t the normal music game where it’s in 3D. The characters are drawn in thick lines with vivid colors. Then, there are also fun locations in here that will chạy thử your limits! Enjoy a visually-appealing trò chơi now!

Straightforward controls – This trò chơi probably has one of the easiest controls. There’s a virtual arrow keys pad on the screen that you can easily tap.

Night Funkin Mod android – No ads

Can you fight for your love using music? download Friday Night Funkin now và prove your skills và worth!