Aeroflot Su500 Flight Status

The compact SU500 is a barrier-free optical turnstile designed for patron counting applications. For access control applications where card or credential readers will be used, visit our SU2000 optical access control turnstile hàng hóa page.

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SU500 Advantages

The barrier không tính phí SU500 optical turnstile has an advanced optical detection system that counts each passage as patrons pass through. The SU500 can be configured in the field lớn count in one direction, or in both directions. If configured for single direction passage only (i.e. entry only, exit only), the SU500 can generate an audible alarm to lớn notify of the wrong way attempt.

The SU500 has a very compact cabinet that saves valuable floor space. Lanes can be spaced lớn provide passage areas of either 30″ or 36″. Center expansion cabinets that have the same dimensions as kết thúc cabinets are available, allowing space-saving multi-lane configurations. For example, three cabinets can create two passage lanes và four cabinets can create three passage lanes.

Key Features:Single direction or bi-directional patron countingConfigurable (.wav) alarm warns of wrong way passageHigh counting accuracyHigh throughput capacitySlyên cabinet designSame cabinet dimensions for standard & handicapped widthsStainless steel or powder coated cabinet finishesAdded Benefits:Suitable for indoor & select outdoor applicationsLow maintenance

Common Installations

SU500 optical turnstiles can be installed at facility entry & exit points to count passing patrons. The turnstiles can be also be used to count passages inlớn and out of areas within a facility.

The SU500 is suitable for indoor applications & select outdoor applications (please contact Alvaravày for information on appropriate outdoor applications). The SU500 can be fixed installed or on portable baseplates.

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Alvarado takes a hands-on approach to lớn projects and we will assist with layout và operational considerations for your patron counting applications.


Communication of count data

The SU500 optical turnstile provides several methods of outputting count data:

Small incremental digital counters can be installed in the turnstile cabinet to track passages. One counter is required per passage direction.

Other methods khổng lồ display count data

Alvaravày can provide an IP.. enabled controller that outputs count data from SU500’s & its other counting turnstiles, lớn a large display that can be mounted on a wall lớn show current in venue or in area patrons counts.

The SU500 is an IP enabled device that directly outputs count data to Alvarado’s VPS based GateWatch10 patron counting software over a TCP/IP.. network.