Soul of legends

Standing guard in the bottom river, League of Legends’ Dragons are intimidating from the moment they enter the Rift. Coming in four different elements plus the Elder Dragon, these varied epic monsters provide powerful buffs when slain. But there’s a lot to rethành viên in any game of League: When vì they spawn? What kind of buffs do they provide? How can you best fight them? This guide will go through the ins-and-outs of Dragons in League of Legends khổng lồ help you better understvà what they are & how you can include the randomness they introduce to the game into your strategy.

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The Basics: The When & What of Dragon Slaying

Starting off small, let’s talk about the timeline of Dragon slaying. The first Elemental Drake will hit the Rift at five minutes inlớn the game. What type of Drake spawns between Cloud, Infernal, Mountain, & Ocean is entirely random for the first Dragon, but it becomes increasingly less random after that. For example, after the first Dragon is slain, the next Dragon enters the scene five minutes later & must be a different element than the first Dragon. After two Dragons are slain, things get a little different, but this five sầu minute respawn time stays the same throughout the game.

After the second Drake spawned onto lớn the rift is slain, a different element from the first two is chosen và every Dragon after that will match it. The chosen element will also change the maps itself, altering terrain và creating plants in new areas. This is where the race begins: the first team to slay four Dragons claims the Elemental Soul, an enhancement which builds upon the individual smaller buffs that slaying each Dragon grants. As might be intuitive from this, the maximum number of Elemental Drakes that could spawn in any given game is seven. Of course, this could only occur if one team slays three Dragons & the other four, but it is still within the realm of possibility.

Six minutes after an Elemental Dragon Soul is claimed, the Elder Dragon will spawn onto lớn the rift, and it will respawn every six minutes after it is slain. This Dragon offers a buff more powerful than any of the elemental buffs or the Soul enhancement, making it a potent tool for ending the game.

Knowing the basics can only get you so far though. All of this is to say nothing of what buff each Dragon grants, how they change the rift, & how their Soul affects your team. Let’s take a deep dive into each Elemental Drake and the Elder Dragon khổng lồ get a better understanding of the buffs that they provide.

It’s Elementary: An Examination of Each Elemental Drake

Cloud Drake: Soaring inlớn Fights & Across the Map


Buff: For each Cloud Drake your team slays, you will receive sầu 10 ability haste for your ultimate.

Soul: Cloud Soul gives your champion 10% bonus movement tốc độ overall, along with providing 1/2 bonus movement speed for 5 seconds after your use your ultimate.

Rift: The Cloud Rift features circular zones around each Red and Blue buff which provide 20% bonus movement speed when within them, và 35% bonus movement speed when not in-combat with an enemy champion. The Dragon Pit also gains a movement-speed enhancing zone.

Attacking Style: The Cloud Dragon moves and attacks the faschạy thử out of any type of Dragon, but only damages a single target with each attack.

Notes and Advice: The Cloud Drake speeds up the game drastically for both teams. If your team is slaying Cloud Drakes, you’ll be able to use game-changing ultimates more often và thus be able khổng lồ start high-impact fights more frequently. The fact that the rift changes to create movement-tốc độ boosting zones only builds upon this, as both teams are able to rotate, retreat, & generally maneuver the map more quickly.

In terms of fighting the Cloud Drake, it is important to lớn respect its high single-target damage. Early in the game & without any lifesteal, this Drake would likely prove to lớn be difficult to lớn slay alone. Thus, getting the help of your team is crucial for slaying Cloud Drakes early in the game. However, because the Cloud Drake offers ability haste on ultimates, its power lies much more heavily in the mid và late game.

Infernal Drake: Turning up the Heat và Igniting Fights


Buff: Each Infernal Drake slain grants your team a 4% bonus to both attaông xã damage and ability power.

Soul: When your team has the Infernal Soul, your first damaging attachồng or ability every three seconds creates an explosion around its target, dealing adaptive damage khổng lồ the target and nearby enemies.

Rift: The Infernal Rift is much more open than any other variation of Summoner’s Rift, with the Red và Blue Buff pits being more-or-less destroyed, including the bushes near them. More Blast Cones spawn throughout the jungle, making maneuvering the tight spaces within it even easier. The entrance to lớn the Dragon Pit also gets wider, making entering và exiting it easier for both teams.

Attacking Style: The Infernal Drake’s attacks khuyến mãi damage in an area, but it is otherwise middling aao ước Elemental Dragons.

Notes và Advice: This Dragon’s buff is perhaps the most universally useful, as more damage is never a bad thing. The opening up of the Rift via Blast Cones and terrain destruction adds khổng lồ the potency of this increased damage, as there is less terrain which could prsự kiện engages & enable disengages.

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In terms of fighting the Infernal Drake, it deals about the same damage as a Cloud Dragon but in larger bursts, especially against teams that are grouped up when fighting it. As a result, it is necessary for whoever has the attention of the Dragon lớn move sầu away from their allies so that the Infernal Dragon is not dealing the optimal amount of damage that it can vị.

Mountain Drake: Solid Defenses and Rocky Terrain


Buff: Slaying a Mountain Drake grants your team a 6% increase lớn each champion’s armor & magic resistance.

Soul: When your champion is buffed by the Mountain Drake Soul và has not taken damage for 5 seconds, they gain a shield.

Rift: The Mountain Rift adds terrain rather than destroying it, altering the jungle khổng lồ have an additional pillar in each quadrant. The Dragon Pit also gains a small wall outside of its entrance which blocks vision.

Attacking Style: The Mountain Drake attacks the slowest out of any Elemental Drake, but it giao dịch damage in an area & also deals the most damage per attachồng. It also has the highest armour và magic resistance of any Dragon.

Notes và Advice: Mountain Drake provides a buff which is the most situational of any on this list. Since the resistances are scaling rather than flat, they only provide optimal returns on champions who are building a lot of armor & magic resist. Given that teams frequently have more damage-oriented champions than tanks, the Mountain Drake’s buff will often not be used to lớn its fullest potential.

When fighting the Mountain Dragon, be very careful of its high AOE damage. Early inlớn the game, champions without a lot of armour could find themselves dying in only a handful of attacks, và champions without a lot of damage won’t be able to lớn fight against its high resistances. Bringing your team lớn kill this Dragon will cover these factors effectively.

Ocean Drake: Quenching Thirsts and Making it Rain


Buff: Slaying an Ocean Drake grants your champion an additional 2.5% of their missing health restored lớn them every five sầu seconds.

Soul: If your champion is being buffed by the Ocean Dragon Soul, you restore health over four seconds whenever you giảm giá khuyến mãi damage lớn enemies. This effect is reduced when dealing damage to lớn minions or monsters.

Rift: The Ocean Rift creates a bunch of new flora throughout the rift, growing Honeyfruit near the buffs & creating pools of water in the buff pits. New bushes also emerge throughout the jungle, particularly near the Dragon Pit.

Attacking Style: The Ocean Dragon attacks with the same speed & damage as the Infernal Dragon, but slows instead of applying damage in an area.

Notes và Advice: The Ocean Drake provides a deceptively useful buff, especially in the early game. The additional healing makes taking trades & rotating around the map more effective sầu, as you will eventually just out-regenerate the enemy. If your team claims the Soul, this regeneration can make all the difference between winning và losing fights. While it might not be the flashiest Dragon, it is incredibly useful.

Much of the same advice as before applies lớn fighting the Ocean Drake, however it is important lớn rethành viên that this Dragon’s attacks slow their targets. This means that if an enemy approaches while you are slaying this boss khủng, it will be considerably harder to flee. However, the same idea applies in reverse if the enemy is attempting to kill the Dragon, so this Drake offers interesting engage opportunities.

Respect Your Elders: The Elder Dragon and the Buff it Provides


The Elder Dragon is much different from its elemental brethren; it is not only significantly stronger, but its buff is also distinctly more powerful. To relativize its strength, it attacks with as much power as the Mountain Drake & has greater resistances, moves as quickly as the Cloud Drake, attacks as quickly as the Infernal and Ocean Drakes, and regenerates 250 health per second. In short, at its weakest it is as svào as the other Dragons, and at its strongest it is noticeably stronger.

Given this additional strength, it is only fitting that the buff it provides is much stronger. When a champion with the ‘Aspect of the Dragon’ deals damage, their damage against enemies burns them for up to 225 true damage over a period of just over two seconds. Furthermore, if a champion with this buff strikes an enemy champion who is below 20% of their maximum health, they exeđáng yêu them through any shields that they might have sầu. While temporary, this buff is svào enough lớn carry a team through a teamfight on its own, & it without-a-doubt allows a team khổng lồ win the game.

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Concluding Thoughts

To finish off, let’s talk about how you can actually use this information in game. Knowing Drakes & what types of buffs they provide can drastically affect your decision making, as some Dragons are good lớn prioritize slaying and some are not. For example, if you’re playing against a team composition with a lot of tanks, ensuring that they don’t get a Mountain Dragon is paramount to lớn winning the game. Alternatively, if you’re playing with a team composition that wants lớn poke the enemy down and siege towers, seeing an Ocean Dragon should make you want to lớn slay it as quickly as possible. This brings us lớn the main point of this article: adapting to change is important. Dragons are one of the largest instances of randomness và chance in League of Legends, so you can’t just give sầu up every time you see that the Drakes are spawning against your preference. Instead, learning how to lớn adapt your macro-strategy khổng lồ the evolving state of the rift is crucial lớn winning games strategically rather than just mechanically dominating the enemy team. By being adaptable in your strategy, destroying the enemy nexus should be much easier than slaying a Dragon.

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