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Is it possible to change the background of the "cook-off" in say arcade or freemode? Would be neat khổng lồ know. Thanks in advance.

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As the title says, is it possible khổng lồ view the food you"ve cooked as you can with the girls? Lowkey more intrested in the food tbh
When you unlock specials it says to go lớn dressing room but I can"t find where lớn view them. Please help.
I"m not gonmãng cầu lie, I used the cheat code for unlocking all the panties so I could easily get the achievement (after how grindy some of the Shinovi Versus achievements were), và although multiple guides said that this would also unlock the achievement, I did not get the achievement. I know the code worked because I heard the audio cue and I have sầu all the panties. Did they fix it so that this doesn"t unlock the achievement now? If so, haha, whoops!...
Have sầu completed story mode with both Hanzo & Crimson Squad and the "Girl"s True Faces" achievement isn"t comin" up.Is there something i"m missing, or is it a bug & it"ll take doin all 10 story modes again?
It seems that people were able lớn play this game with DS4, & while the game recognizes that I have DualShock controller by changing the prompts khổng lồ PS ones it doesn"t accept any input from my DS4v2. I don"t have v1, but I"ve sầu seen people claiming that this game worked well with theirs DS4s. Has anyone managed khổng lồ play it with DS4v2? Is there a way of emulating DS4v1 with DS4v2 in order to lớn work around this issue? Yeah, I know I can just go with emulating keyboard inputs, but then promts are for x-box control...

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Hello everyone! I recently decided khổng lồ take a look at modding Bon Appetit, and ended up coming up with a couple of mods lớn mô tả with everyone. - Lademo gian lận paông xã is here, I"m removing links from the other post.I put all the mods inlớn a single m...
Hello People,i am looking for more People to lớn have fun & play with SK. If you are interested you cna join my Discord Server & have sầu a good Time. We have sầu there an entire Database which contains every Information about every Character in the Franchise và also the expanded Universe with the New Wave sầu Girls. Also we have weekly Events for EV và PBS there so that you can join if you want. Hope you have sầu a nice stay there và see you there :)https://discord.gg/VMmXAR5...
I remember having this issue a long time ago & I don"t know how I fixed it. Before I was running via big picture và steam link. Now I am just running it native resolution no big picture. I have Ps4 controller enabled in the settings, I"ve sầu tried turning the others off. I"ve tried my Xbone controller...but nothing works. Please help...
der xbox 360 controller oder andere gehen nicht und weiß nicht warum benutze noch win 7 und ich glaube früher hat es funtionird
playing story mode.whats the point of getting advantage in first two rounds?I was 100% advantage at the over of 2nd round but after i miss some notes, i became disadvantage and eventually lose the game. ːlunar2019madpigːːlunar2019laughingpigː
I once forced game khổng lồ show keyboard button icons instead of xbox ABXY, but I dunno how I managed it... ːlunar2020stoicoxːMaybe some of you guys know proper way khổng lồ phối it up ːurgleː
Is it just me or the controls are kinda messed up with a controller? I did not had any issue with Shinovi Versus (or any other playstation/vita port games for that matter), but in this game, most of the keys seems to be backward. I"ve sầu rebinded the keys so they gameplay part is playable but the menus are still a mess.The game"s start button ended as my R3 key.Square ended up as Cross.Cross was Circle.Circle was Square.Only the L1, R1 & Triangle seemed khổng lồ be in their original spot.Anyone else got t...
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