Reward Và Award

Can these two verbs be used interchangeably? Or vị they imply different meanings?

"My employer rewarded me a trip to Hawaii."

"My employer awarded me a trip khổng lồ Hawaii."


The correct verb to use really depends on the meaning of the corresponding noun.

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Award (n): a recognition of a personal achievement, e.g. a scholarship for winning a science fair, a plaque for volunteering 100 hours of community service

Reward (n): compensation or incentive for doing something, e.g. cash for returning a lost wallet, getting lớn stay up late for tidying one"s bedroom


The first sentence should be

My employer rewarded me with a trip to lớn Hawaii.

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The two verbs have a different meaning; khổng lồ award suggests that the giver is in some sense a judge, and that the thing given is deserved (award a scholarship).


The first answer is more accurate: it depends.

Was the trip a recognition of a personal achievement? If yes, then it is an award.


Was the trip a compensation or incentive sầu for doing something, e.g. having the highest sales? If yes, then it is a reward.

Seems lớn me it was a reward, not an award. Usually anything given by an employer is a compensation, for doing something outstanding, for the company.


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