Puppet boss

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Apart from the classic scenes of dialogues in an authentic visual novel, there are scenarios of phone calls & SNS posts inPuppet quái dị to recreate realistic interactions with the in-game characters. Players can enjoy a more interesting & immersive gaming experience with these features. More importantly, through these interactions, players can discover the more personal side of each character. There will be secrets about them that you don"t want to lớn miss!

If you are interested in a dangerously thắm thiết story presented in the form of an interactive visual novel, then you should not miss out onPuppet Boss!

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"Good morning, ma"am. Let me escort you khổng lồ your office."
I thought I walked into my office, but what am I doing in this pervert house?!Four people with unusual fetishes that appeared in front of me, who became the figurehead of a men"s clothing company.I did ""it"" tonight, then the next day,... Then in the night again. Are we really allowed to vì chưng this all day?● 4 Characters và 4 Stories!Four characters with different charms.Main stories, plus the side stories where you can get a glimpse of their secret fetishes.● Secret Phone Calls & SNS Posts!The hotline content, where you can hear the other person"s voice anytime,and steamy SNS posts that you can see according khổng lồ the main story!● Are these clothes meant to lớn be worn?We"ve gathered all the racy costumes you"ve ever dreamed of!After all, this is a clothing company, Ma"am!For inquiries related lớn the game and payment, please send us an e-mail at with the information below, & we will get back khổng lồ you as soon as possible.1) Device model2) Store payment receipt for the purchase3) CS ID (It"s on the bottom right corner of the pop-up)4) Screenshots related to lớn the error.Package ID: com.newday.pantsceoAPK Size: 457.27 MBData pack: N/ARequirements: app android 6.0+VPN Required: NoSupport Rooted device: Yes