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Commercial Banking – Vietnam

The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act ( is a new piece of legislation by the United States Department of Treasury và the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to lớn counter tax evasion in the US. is committed to lớn becoming fully in all countries & territories where we operate in accordance with the legislative sầu timeline. This means that may need lớn provide information on US accounts khổng lồ the US Tax authority, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

In order to lớn establish your tax status, we need khổng lồ obtain certain documents. These documents are declarations and/or US tax forms that will enable you to lớn declare & confirm your tax status lớn us for the purposes of We also need your formation documents, for example certificate of incorporation or similar document confirming your place of incorporation.

Please send the completed document to lớn the Relationship Manager/Client Service Manager who handles your accounts with the Bank; or hand them in lớn the team at your local branch. Should you have sầu problems printing the form(s) you need, please liên hệ your local branch.

Please read the information carefully và select the document that is appropriate lớn your company. If you are unsure, you should seek advice from a tax adviser. will not be able to provide any tax advice.

W-9: This is the withholding certificate referred lớn as a ‘W-9’ on the IRS website. This size is completed to confirm US tax status.

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W-8: This is a link lớn the withholding certificates referred to as ‘W-8s’ on the IRS website. This is a series of forms that are completed to lớn confirm non-US tax status.

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In order khổng lồ provide customers with further tư vấn when completing IRS W forms, we have sầu provided some additional customer guidance for W-9,W-8BEN and W8BEN-E. Declaration (180KB, PDF): This is an document which you may be able lớn sign instead of a US W-8 series khung khổng lồ confirm non-US tax status. Please read the khung carefully lớn ensure you meet the relevant conditions. If you believe that you vì not meet the relevant conditions, please bởi vì not use this declaration & instead use the relevant W-8 series khung or W-9 form. Please note this khung is not applicable for Disregarded Entities.