About two years ago, NIS America released Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy on PlayStation Vita. I reviewed the original release back then, finding a good but not outstanding dungeon crawler - please refer khổng lồ that Reviews for my full thoughts on what the title has khổng lồ offer.

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Operation Abyss got a sequel in Japan roughly around the same time - titled Operation Babel: New Tokyo Legacy, which NIS America recently announced that they will also be releasing this year. In addition to lớn the original Vita versions, NIS America also announced they are bringing both titles to lớn Steam as a part of their PC port initiative. Operation Abyss releases on PC on March 27, while Operation Babel is set for May 16 alongside the Vita version.

Operation Abyss is a mostly straightforward PC port. Being a dungeon crawler with a mostly text và artwork presentation, there are not too many graphic options in place. There is a toggle for V-Sync, a resolution select, an aspect ratio option to decide how you want khổng lồ work the slight stretch, & some mini-map options. Also - being a dungeon crawler - Operation Abyss runs pretty readily even on low spec systems. 

The in-game character & quái dị artwork certainly looks nice at 1080p. The game also occasionally uses special artwork for certain scenes, which is more clearly upscaled, but still looks clean enough.

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However, one thing in partiuclar that bugged me visually is the fonts và kerning used in the English lettering. The original Vita version also had some wonky lettering, but I found it a bit easier to get accustomed lớn, perhaps due to the smaller screen kích thước. It's a bit more distracting on a PC monitor. You can see this in the above two screenshots, where sometimes there seems to lớn be too much spacing in between letters, & other times letters are colliding inlớn each other.

Operation Abyss supports mouse/keyboard input đầu vào, which while functional, I greatly prefered using a controller to lớn play. Also, the game will refer to lớn PlayStation button prompts throughout, no matter which control style you are using (although the key confiuration screen properly detects Xinput đầu vào at least). 

One notable addition lớn the PC port is the inclusion of Japanese voices alongside the English dub. The Vita release was not able lớn include JPhường voices due lớn some apparent technical issue that is no longer the case on Steam. It's also worth noting that the sequel - Operation Babel - will be JPhường voices only.

All-in-all, Operation Abyss' PC port is nothing fancy, but it doesn't need to lớn be. It's a solid & functional port that gets the job done with a couple odd quirks. Please refer khổng lồ my original reviews for my full thoughts on the game.