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This topic is for discussing "One Piece Chapter 976
Spoilers". The thread "One Piece Chapter 976 Spoilers Summaries and Images" is where you can find summaries và spoiler images.|Rules|Do not speak about the spoilers outside this thread until the chapter comes out.Avoid posting liên kết to the other sites hosting the spoilers as much as possible.Avoid using spoiler images in your avatar/signature/memes until the chapter gets released.Avoid re-posting the nội dung already posted in the thread dedicated to the spoiler summaries và images.Keep the discussions regarding things/characters that weren"t mentioned in the spoilers to a minimum and avoid them altogether if possible.
: does not create or take part in the creation of these spoilers. The spoilers are found on sources on the internet (open information) và are posted here for discussion.

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第976話 お控えなすって!!!傳ジロー以外の赤鞘は錦えもんが本気でトガケだと思っていたのを察し結果オーライだし怒らないから言ってみろと問い詰めそれを認めた錦えもんは一生分の運を使い果たした気分だからここで死ぬかもしれんと漏らすがその運を使ったのはみんな同じで死ぬなら一緒のつもりだと返されるカン十郎は今やるべきこととして日和も生きてる事がわかった以上必ず探し出して殺すと宣言しモモの助を連れ去るモモの助は自分が連れ去られ焦る侍達を見て助けてもらいたい本心を押し殺し自分を助けようとするのは相手の思う壺自分は一人でなんとか逃げ延びるからオロチとカイドウを討ち取るように言うだが本心に気付いたルフィは友達だから必ず助ける生き延びろと言い残す敵の戦艦は間合いを取り用意していた長距離砲を使ってくるが生き延び麦わらの一味の総舵手として戻ってきたジンベエの槍波が敵の戦艦に穴を明け長距離砲をダメにする

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LOLEpisode 976The red sheath other than the legendary Jiro found that Nishikiemon was serious and thought it was a dagger, & as a result it was all right and asked not lớn get angry.Nishiemon admits that he has run out of his luông chồng for a lifetime, so he may die hereIt"s all the same that used that luck, và if they die, they"re going khổng lồ be togetherKanjuro knows that the weather is still alive sầu to lớn vì chưng now, so he will always find and kill hlặng & take away Momo"s assistantMomo"s assistant wants lớn help her by seeing the impatient samurai who is taken away.I tell her to lớn escape Orođưa ra và Kaivày because I manage to lớn escape aloneBut Luffy realizes that he is a friendEnemy battleships use the long-range guns they preparedJinbei"s spear wave returns as a survivor of the Straw Hat Pirates, piercing enemy battleships và damaging long-range guns

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