8X8 Transparent USB 2.0 Matrix Switch — easily manage up to 8 computers or transparent USB 2.0 devices from any eight connected workstations.

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What is the MU-88?

The MU-88 is an 8X8 transparent USB 2.0 matrix switch. It allows up khổng lồ eight users access và control of any eight connected computers or transparent USB 2.0 peripheral devices.

How to control the MU-88

The MU-88 is easy lớn install and control; it is plug-and-play, meaning the unit is ready to lớn use right out of its packaging. Simply plug your desired USB devices và peripherals into the MU-88, and power on the unit khổng lồ begin.

The MU-88 is simple khổng lồ control via:

Front Panel Buttons which allow users to switch between connected systems và peripherals easily.

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Web-based Control Console which allows easy and comprehensive management of connected devices over the Internet

Why choose the MU-88?

The MU-88 excels at expediting workflow & allowing multiple users to lớn control different computers from their individual workstations with ease. Control room operators, technical directors, live television staff, & more will enjoy the convenience the MU-88 offers for control of multiple USB 2.0 devices.

FEATURES:(8) USB 2.0 Type B inputs(8) Dual USB 2.0 Type A outputsSupports DVI-D with adaptorsSupports USB 2.0 keyboard-mouse control (NO EMULATION)Supports transparent USB 2.0 peripheral devices (external hard-drives, smart-card readers, scanners, printers, etc…)Simple two-button front panel control with LCD status displayFull web-based control console over EthernetControl Sun, Mac, or PC computers from one workstation



(1) MU-88: 8X8 Transparent USB 2.0 Matrix Switch(1) PS12VDC5A power nguồn supply(1) Quick Start & Installation Guide

The MXU-88 excels at:

Remote system managementMulti-user remote computer operationControl RoomTechnical DirectionLive TV broadcast managementGraphic design & renderingGroup-based data analysis
Signal TypeUSB 2.0, 1.1, and 1.0
Input(8) USB Type B Female (No Emulation)
Output(16) USB Type A Female
Front PanelFront panel buttons
Ethernet (TCP/IP)via RJ-45
Power SupplyInternal 100-240 VAC/12 DC, 2A
Max. Consumption100 W
Dimensions17.06″ W x 2.0″ H x 10.4″ D
Weight8.8 lbs
Operating Temp.32 to lớn 122°F (0 to lớn 50 °C )
Storage Temp.-4 to lớn 149 °F (-20 to lớn 65 °C )
HumidityUp to lớn 85% RH (non-condensing)