Club savings account

It allows you to create meaningful interconnections between every aspect of your condo, tied together in one sleek dashboard.

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Organization và Record Keeping

A portal for the inner-workings of your condo. Organized and easy to use, Max Condo Club is a centralized repository for storing and updating information, as well as taking detailed, on-going analyses và statistics.

Concierge & Security

Small things can địa chỉ cửa hàng up. With the ability to lớn keep track of building security; the power khổng lồ properly track and manage package deliveries, manage visitor parking, & communicate between staff Max Condo Club is the necessary tool lớn cut down on the clutter.

Communication Synergy

Reach, Engage, Inform. With the ability lớn send targeted mass emails you can reach specific residents based on their floors or occupancy types. Service tickets can be closed quicker, issues can be handled faster, và resident satisfaction will reach a new high, all while keeping track of the activities of each task.

Create a culture, create a brand

It’s time khổng lồ stand out from the crowd. Increase awareness và drive positive perception. Get a stunning website for your condo, impress the crowd, and showcase your investment. Max Condo Club is proud khổng lồ be improving the work of property managers & the lives of their residents; making residents proud to hotline their building - home.


It’s easy to use; & scales to your preference.

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Max Condo Club is simple to use straight from the get-go. We offer efficient features & functions khổng lồ help any building improve their residential communications. Our platform is specifically designed khổng lồ grow – & is adaptable khổng lồ any size condo-community – ensuring that your condo is well connected and well maintained.

Seamless Conversation.

The Condo Club’s omnichannel interface offers everything you need for a positive residential experience. Our system works to lớn improve efficiency and helps conversations between residents, property managers and concierge staff flow without a hitch. With access through web, mobile, & tablet residential communications has never been simpler or more efficient.

Work smarter, not harder

Analytics are an integral part of any building; but gathering all that information can be a chore.

Not anymore! With Max Condo Club, you get industry grade data collection, reporting, user intelligence & easily understandable analysis for every interaction!

Be the first to change lives.

Max Condo Club is here khổng lồ help improve the service you provide lớn your clients by offering a White-Labeled software that is easy to lớn customize và roll out. Make everything your own by putting your stamp on it. Further your brand-awareness by increasing your presence; breed loyalty, and cultivate your place in a competitive market. Your logo, your brand, your software.

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