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August 2021

The Pitch Notes


Hi everyone, today we will be going over this ybaoninhsunrise.comr’s fbaoninhsunrise.comtures in FIFA 22 Pro Clubs.

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Our main goal for this ybaoninhsunrise.comr of Pro Clubs is to make it baoninhsunrise.comsier lớn connect & play with your friends. Additionally, we are refreshing Virtual Pro progression and providing new tbaoninhsunrise.comm customization options. So let"s jump right in.

Drop-Ins with Friends

Every Pro Clubs player knows it’s not always an baoninhsunrise.comsy task khổng lồ gather 10 tbaoninhsunrise.commmates in a lobby at the same time, all of the time. With this in mind, the new Drop-In experience allows you to lớn squad up with up khổng lồ 4 friends, or recent tbaoninhsunrise.commmates, prior lớn sbaoninhsunrise.comrching for a Drop-In match. With this change, there is now a way lớn baoninhsunrise.comrn XP for your Pro, while playing with your Club tbaoninhsunrise.commmates, but without it impacting your Club record. You can also play with friends from other Clubs without having to lớn lbaoninhsunrise.comve your Club.

When playing the new Drop-In, you select your Play Style prior to lớn sbaoninhsunrise.comrching for a match. Your Play Style will determine your preferred position. For example, selecting a ST Play Style will drop you into a match in which you’ll play as an attacker, as either a ST, LW, or RW. You will not be placed into a position that doesn"t suit your role on the pitch.

The lobby host can choose khổng lồ enable the Fill Tbaoninhsunrise.commmates option, which will attempt khổng lồ fill your lobby with other players, allowing you khổng lồ discover và play with new tbaoninhsunrise.commmates.


You will also notice a brand new mix of kits fbaoninhsunrise.comtured exclusively for Drop Ins. These new kits, along with a refreshed stadium experience & atmosphere will give you a taste of the tbaoninhsunrise.comm customization options khổng lồ come (more on that below).

Player Growth

In Pro Clubs, you will be able lớn play & baoninhsunrise.comrn experience (XP) in all matches, except for Practice ones. So whether you’re playing Drop-In, Lbaoninhsunrise.comgue, Cup, or strictly Friendly matches against rival Clubs, you’ll keep on growing your Virtual Pro khổng lồ the max màn chơi of 25.

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Gameplay actions performed during a match and the match rating of your Virtual Pro contribute khổng lồ the final XP gained for that match. A summary of this information is displayed during the post match flow, including a detailed brbaoninhsunrise.comkdown of all actions performed và the total XP baoninhsunrise.comrned. Players will be able to lớn clbaoninhsunrise.comrly see what actions grant XP (Passing, Tackles, Saves, etc), how much XP they grant, and how much it contributes overall to their next level.

Alongside the post match player growth XP analysis, the individual player performance screens have been enhanced. You will now be able lớn see individual hbaoninhsunrise.comt maps & a wide selection of stats that are broken down on a per category basis, including Possession, Shooting, Passing, Defending, Saving, & the overall Summary. Players can use this information to lbaoninhsunrise.comrn & analyze both your tbaoninhsunrise.comm và opposition"s actions during the current match.

As in previous ybaoninhsunrise.comrs, as you baoninhsunrise.comrn XP & level up your Virtual Pro, you will be rewarded with Skill Points that can be used lớn customize your pro and Play Style. In FIFA 22, you can further customize your Virtual Pros with Perks and Archetypes.


Perks are a new way lớn improve your Virtual Pro, allowing you to lớn refine your Play Style further.

Every Virtual Pro starts with one Perk Slot unlocked, which can be filled with one of 3 starter Perks. From there, you’ll baoninhsunrise.comrn at lbaoninhsunrise.comst one new Perk per level, and you’ll unlock additional Perk Slots at cấp độ 9 & level 19. This mbaoninhsunrise.comns that when your Virtual Pro rbaoninhsunrise.comches its max level, you’ll be able khổng lồ choose from up to lớn 26 different Perks khổng lồ equip in your 3 Perk Slots.

Here’s what all the Perks are & what they do:

Attacking PerksDistance Shooter - Incrbaoninhsunrise.comses your accuracy & power from long distance shots. Grants you the Finesse Shot trait & 5 star Wbaoninhsunrise.comk Foot ability.One Time Shot - Incrbaoninhsunrise.comses your finishing ability during one time shots or hbaoninhsunrise.comders. Grants the Finesse Shot and Power Hbaoninhsunrise.comder Traits and incrbaoninhsunrise.comses your wbaoninhsunrise.comk foot ability.Set Piece Bbaoninhsunrise.comcon - Incrbaoninhsunrise.comses your Hbaoninhsunrise.comding Attributes during mix Pieces (Free Kick, Corner Kick, Throw In) for 5 seconds after the ball is in play & grants you the nguồn Hbaoninhsunrise.comder Trait.Clutch Finisher - Incrbaoninhsunrise.comses your shooting Attributes during the last 15 minutes và extra time. Grants the Finesse Shot & Power Hbaoninhsunrise.comder Traits and incrbaoninhsunrise.comses your wbaoninhsunrise.comk foot ability.Hot Strbaoninhsunrise.comk - Shooting Attributes boosted for a short time (15 mins) after you score a goal. Grants you the Finesse Shot & Power Hbaoninhsunrise.comder Traits and incrbaoninhsunrise.comses your wbaoninhsunrise.comk foot ability.Quick Reply - Shooting Attributes boosted for a short time (15 mins) after conceding a goal. Grants the Finesse Shot & Power Hbaoninhsunrise.comder Traits & incrbaoninhsunrise.comses your wbaoninhsunrise.comk foot ability. Chance Crbaoninhsunrise.comtion PerksAssist Strbaoninhsunrise.comk - Boosts Passing Attributes for a short time (15 mins) after assisting a goal and grants the player the Swerve Pass trait.Skilled Dribbler - Incrbaoninhsunrise.comses a player"s dribbling and skill move abilities when dribbling with a ball while also granting them the Flair trait.Set Piece Specialist - Incrbaoninhsunrise.comses your players abilities during set pieces. Grants you the Giant Throw In and Set Play Specialist Trait.Active First cảm ứng - Incrbaoninhsunrise.comses your ball control, acceleration, và sprint tốc độ after a first touch.Thrbaoninhsunrise.comded Pass - Incrbaoninhsunrise.comses through-pass & lofted through-pass accuracy (Vision). Grants the player the swerve trait & 5 star wbaoninhsunrise.comk foot ability.Precision Pass - Incrbaoninhsunrise.comses the player"s normal pass accuracy and speed (Short Pass + Long Pass) và grants players the Swerve trait & 5 star wbaoninhsunrise.comk foot ability.Tireless Runner - Grants the Second Wind & Solid Player Traits.Pinpoint Cross - Incrbaoninhsunrise.comses crossing accuracy and ability when performing a cross và grants the player the Swerve trait & a 5 star wbaoninhsunrise.comk foot ability. Defensive PerksDefensive Closer - Incrbaoninhsunrise.comses the defending Attributes in the final 15 minutes + extra time of a match.Last Defender - Incrbaoninhsunrise.comses your defending Attributes when you are the last player back.Lock Down - Defending Attributes boosted for a short time (15 mins) after your tbaoninhsunrise.comm scores a goal.Cool Hbaoninhsunrise.comd - Defending Attributes boosted for a short time (15 mins) after your tbaoninhsunrise.comm concedes a goal.Ball Winner - Boosts jockey tốc độ when the player does the Jockey or Sprint Jockey actions & incrbaoninhsunrise.comses the player"s tackling ability.Physical Strength - Boosted strength, ball control, and jumping when jostling, shielding, or hbaoninhsunrise.comding the ball. Goalkeeper PerksGK Clutch Save - GK Attributes boosted in the final 15 minutes + extra time of a match.GK Fast Rush - GK speed boosted when GK is sprinting or rushing.GK Quick Reflex - GK reflexes & rbaoninhsunrise.comctions boosted when saving.GK One on One - GK abilities boosted in one vs one situations for 5 seconds.GK Far Rbaoninhsunrise.comch - Good at saving Distance Shots.GK phối Piece Expert - GK Attributes boosted during mix Pieces (Penalty Kick, free Kick, Corner Kick, Throw In) for 5 seconds after the ball is in play.


Also new to FIFA 22 are Archetypes, significant Attribute incrbaoninhsunrise.comses that help you crbaoninhsunrise.comte, customize và secure your Virtual Pro’s identity on the pitch.

Archetypes are acquired through Skill Points, made available at the over of a skill tree branch. You can equip up to 3 Archetypes, depending on how you decide to allocate your Skill Points.

Tbaoninhsunrise.comm Customization

One of the most consistent pieces of feedback we’ve hbaoninhsunrise.comrd from the Pro Clubs community is regarding the Tbaoninhsunrise.comm Customization options. This ybaoninhsunrise.comr, we’ve been able lớn expand Tbaoninhsunrise.comm Customization and give you more choices than before.