Our Nord Anglia Education expedition staff team are fundraising for Kiwawa Secondary School in Tanzania. In September theywill be taking on the challenge of covering 7303 km in any human-powered way possible! By running, cycling, swimming, walking, climbing, you name it!, in the duration of 2 weeks starting on the 11th of September. There are 21in the team, so that's about the equivalent of half a maranhỏ bé a day each!

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Our NAE colleaguesare doing this fundraiser because, due to the pandemic, theyare unable khổng lồ organise expeditions khổng lồ Tanzania and so losing essential funding for the building of Kiwawa school. We have sầu seen the extraordinary difference Seeway has made in the area, so this is something we all really care about. So if you are able tosupport with this project,please do! Even with small contributions, as a whole, we can allmake a real difference to lớn other people's lives. The pandemic has hit everyone hard, but some people in other parts of the world even more so than others.

How it all started... In 2019 Nord Anglia Education & Seeway Tanzania mix off on the project of building a secondary school in Kiwawa village in the Arumeru district of Arusha region. Rebecca và Wendy, who started Seeway Tanzania in 2004, kickstarted this 2 year long project after local & Ministry of Education officials highlighted the urgent need for a Secondary School in the area.

Kiwawa villagers & a local builders team started the building process last August and since the start of the 2019-20đôi mươi school year already more than 600 NAE students from all over the world, including students và teachersfrom BIS Houston, have sầu joined the project as part of their Tanzania expedition! So far an administration bloông chồng with a headmaster’s office và teacher toilets, và a classroom block of four adjoining classrooms have been built. Work on a student nhà vệ sinh blochồng and laboratory bloông chồng started in February 20trăng tròn but is left unfinished since expeditions in spring were cancelled due to lớn the pandemic. Finally the local building team also had khổng lồ be sent trang chính in July… So this is where we need your help! With this fundraiser we want to lớn keep on giving our tư vấn to lớn the project & make sure children in this area are given the opportunity of a good education and start in life.

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