Killing Kiss: Bl Story V1

Killing Kiss is a dating simulator with dramatic loves of the beautiful và elegant boys with intense mental fights lớn stimulate players’ imagination & excitement with every fate they take.

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Killing Kiss: BL Story Game
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Killing Kiss offers people a variety of intense và thrilling love stories to immerse themselves in the most dramatic moments. Although the game has a plot related to lớn Boy Love, its development is full of potential and always makes players focus on the details lớn exploit more separate directions. On top of that, players can be anyone and choose their own story to enjoy all the quintessence of character development và more.



Killing Kiss belongs to lớn the interactive story genre and combines dating sim elements to lớn start a thắm thiết life with hot boys. The most exciting thing is the variety of characters to lớn explore and learn more about their personalities, nature, & familiar behaviors. Each character also represents separate directions, and the player’s choice will change things dramatically when it comes to love or friendship.


Besides a complicated plot, the visual unique inside the game is also refreshing and stimulating for each guy. Each person has many distinct designs of costumes or beauty, & at the same time clearly shows the Boy Love element, aiming at the female market to immerse them in pleasure. In addition lớn the thiết kế on the outside, the situations or phases wrapped around each other are also a great development & the pinnacle of art for players khổng lồ admire.



The interactive story element in Killing Kiss is important as it greatly influences the outcome or development of the player. In all situations, such as conversation, interaction with the environment, & more, will give the player more than two independent choices with diverse results at first sight. The results or subsequent developments from the perfect choices are unexpected, so players can gradually build their own story in many different directions.


While interacting with each of the boys, the player can collect the hottest và most attractive pictures & save them in the gallery. It’s like a small achievement in the player’s journey, và they can make a lot of changes to lớn admire everyone’s most impressive beauties. The trò chơi will have many handsome rewards based on the number of hot pictures that the player collects.


The boys have a variety of mesmerizing personalities, making Killing Kiss rich in storylines for players lớn enjoy. Therefore, the outfit system is the most perfect for players lớn change the atmosphere or beauty of people in the most comfortable và peaceful times. That system will regularly appear with new themes, & players can search or unlock separate costumes for each guy.

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Killing Kiss will mở cửa up many new concepts for the Boy Love genre and immerse players in each person’s exciting & vivid moments. Besides, the plot will always have many directions for players khổng lồ decide, thereby allowing them khổng lồ build their own lives in ways they feel most satisfied through each development.


Intoxicating và intense love stories for players to develop and take on any paths while immersing in endless Boy Love’s development and scenarios.Exquisite visuals with extraordinary characters appearances designs to lớn stimulate players’ excitement to new heights when the intriguing scenes happen.Various choices to lớn decide while stimulating the storyline in positive or negative effects enhance the fascination in the game play and characters’ development.Collect the hottest scenes of skin-touching from the boys as the trophy while unlocking generous rewards as the more pictures players take.Hilarious and outrageous outfits for players decide và wear on the wonderful boys khổng lồ increase the gameplay entertainment and more.
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