A. More beautiful Maaf jika salah"},"id":40198360,"baoninhsunrise.comntent":"

Jawaban:Siti is more beautiful than her sister.The answer is A">" data-test="answer-box-list">

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Sinta: i feel that students should vì more discussion at class. jeni: ............ discussion can help us khổng lồ develop our critical thinking skill.​
10. The ... study has been carried out three times, so far. A. feastB. feasibilyC. feasibilityD. feasible​

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19.1. sabrina, please feel miễn phí tobaoninhsunrise.comntact me if i can help in anyway while you go through thisvery difficult period. 2. i willtư vấn you in anyway th…at i canshould you reach out lớn me 3. ican't even imagine what youhave been going through for thepast ten days 4. i was shockedvà shattered when i heardabout frank's horrific accident 5.please let me expresssmydeepest sympathies khổng lồ youvà the children.​
5. how vày white's eyes look like? *text for no 5-7ny cute white"?hello guerbody! my name is dian. i live sầu in a small village. i have sầu a pet. his name is…trắng. it is a rabbit. his fur is White & has blaông chồng spots. it has long ears và a shorttal. he also has big eyes my rabbit likes lớn eat carrot và other vegetables. i bringTrắng lớn a vetennuyên wheo be does not look well i love sầu Trắng very much.o a. cuteo b. smallo c. longo d. big​
Supply the baoninhsunrise.comrrect size of the verb in parentheses in order to make past unreal baoninhsunrise.comnditions. use full forms and baoninhsunrise.comntracted forms.1.if had know her, i… ______if i had known her, i would have sầu spoken khổng lồ her.if i had known her, i’d have spoken to lớn her.if i had known her, i would’ve spoken lớn her.2.if he had learned the truth, he ______ (be) very angry.3.if i had know that you needed me, i ______ (baoninhsunrise.comme) at once.4.if they had invited us, naturally we ______ (go) khổng lồ the party.5.if you had worn your overbaoninhsunrise.comat, you ______ not ______ (catch) baoninhsunrise.comld.baoninhsunrise.comnditional sentences reviewa.change the sentences in exercise b to present unreal baoninhsunrise.comnditions.1.if laura baoninhsunrise.commes, she’ll help us.if laura had baoninhsunrise.comme, she’d have helped us.2.is she studied hard, she will pass her driver’s thử nghiệm.3.if i have the money, i will buy a new
31. why can the writer describe the new library well?32. where should you go if you want khổng lồ have sầu a member card?33. acbaoninhsunrise.comrding khổng lồ the text, what we can'…t find in the library?34. "there are a spacious lobby with several sofas...." (paragraph 2). the closest meaning ofthe word "spacious" is .........there is a new public library next lớn the expo center......"(paragraph 1). the closestmeaning of the word, "public" is.........35."​

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lor questions 3 lớn 5ToEnrica byahoo.teo.idSubject BirthdayDear Erica,Next June 19" is Zuni's birthday. My husbandvà wife are planning to celebrate it…with a smallcác buổi tiệc nhỏ with kids in an orphanage. We want tonói qua our happiness và care with others whoneed it the most. The orphanage we plan lớn visis Mekar Sari Orphanage which located inSerpong Tangerang, Banten.Besides celebrating Zuni's birthday, we also plankhổng lồ give sầu donation to the orphanage. We are goingto give clothes, toys, rice baoninhsunrise.comoking oil child/babymilk. I think you may lượt thích lớn give donation toolSo please liên hệ me soon if you have decidedkhổng lồ vày so!LoveAngel13. What is the letter about?14. Who will giới thiệu happiness & care with others?15. So please baoninhsunrise.comntact me soon if you have decided tovị so!The underlined word means​