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GSP Form A certificate of origin should be issued on or before date of shipment stated on the transport document.

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If it is issued a later date than the date of shipment, then Form A certificate should bear " issuedretrospectively" stamp.
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Today I want lớn clarify the meaning of issued retrospectively term on a GSP Form A certificate of origin.

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Issued RetrospectivelyGSPhường. Form A is a special type of certificate of origin. As it grants discounted tariff rates lớn the goods in subject lớn export import transaction, it has more strict regulations comparing khổng lồ ordinary certificates of origin.According to GSP rules Form A certificate of origin should be issued on or before the date of shipment stated on the transport document.For example, if port lớn port sea shipment has been effected, issuance date of the Form A C/O should show an earlier date comparing lớn shipped on board date indicated on the bill of lading.But GSP rules also allow issuance of Form A certificate after shipment with the condition lớn include retrospective statement on the Form A certificate of origin.
Statement on origin issued retrospectivelyA statement on origin may exceptionally be made out after exportation (retrospective statement) on condition that it is presented in the European Union Member State of declaration for release for miễn phí circulation no longer than two years after the export.

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