Heater là gì

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At a certain depth, the heaters are turned on, and the robot ascends due to its now positive buoyancy, resulting from its reduced density.
Batteries are housed in the end cap, and these supply heaters that warm heater plates in the oil chamber.
The heater beam illuminates a 1-mm-diameter target at normal incidence, and the line focus is in the horizontal plane.
We have used deposited resistive heaters before to measure the temperature of the heater to estimate the freezing point of solder.
The copper mirror is supported by a thick brass plate, to the underside of which is glued an electrical heater.
The whole chamber is surrounded and insulated with wax except for the area between the heater plate and the battery, which is an air space.
For domestic and business users, it offers a simple way of remotely controlling electric, oil and gas fired heating systems, water heaters and air conditiners.
In facility heat treatments, gas, electric or steam heaters are used to slowly heat the ambient air.
These values, such as heat capacity of oil, insulator constant, amount of energy pumped into heater, mass of robot, etc., are derived from the experiment.
Secondly, the utilization culture which comes with the solar heaters for cooking necessitates changing habits.

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Additionally, the thermostat on the water heater may be turned down so that the water is not hot enough to burn the patient.
During this process the heater voltage of the sensor was applied for 1 hour before the start of each experiment.
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