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The hair on my arms went up. I was definitely spooked when I read this Facebook post. Having two kids, lets just say I had shivers and freaked out.

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I can’t even in words say what I just found out. I am SHOCKED & want lớn tell and let my friends & family, so they can be made aware, so they can make sure their children are safe.

Angelica stayed home page from school today và thank GOD she did.

Because she was on her iPod playing a game called talking Angela, which is similar lớn talking Tom, anyway as she is sitting next lớn me this interactive cát says to her “Hi angelica where is your brother?”

She says “OH he’s right here next khổng lồ me”

The cat says “Cool”, then the cát says “So what vày you vày for fun?

Angela says “I don’t know”.

Now I’m being quiet and listening because I think its weird this Angela cát knows she has a brother & is talking to her lượt thích a person.

Then its voice changes và in some weird robotic voice it says “angelica when you date, what bởi vì you vày on your dates?

She looked at me at this point, got red in the face & said nothing.

Then it said stick out your tongue, I’ll stick mine out too”

It asked “what are some things you can bởi with your tongue? I can find many things khổng lồ bởi vì with my tongue, let’s interact with our tongues.

At that point I had heard enough.

I shut it off!

I was freaked out, called the police department, they came khổng lồ the house, said they would have sầu the internet investigations unit & paedophile investigations unit look inlớn it.

They called me an hour later and said “something or someone” is behind that mèo.

They don’t know if it is local or overseas.

While the police officer was there and angelica was talking lớn hlặng she told the police officer Saturday night her cousin & her were on the Angela tiện ích và it asked the girls their names, what her sisters/ brother’s name was what school they BOTH went too, and it took a picture of angelica.

This is under serious investigation right now.

When I googled talking Angela app I can’t even begin to lớn tell you what creepy stuff came up.

Google it for yourselves.

But some things are: the talking cát asking girls for their phone numbers and if they’ve sầu had their first kiss.

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Take this ứng dụng off your phone please.

There’s a big chance this could be a door for pedophiles.

The police have sầu said they have sầu seen things *like* this but never actually through a child’s phầm mềm, but that they are not putting it past them.

The girls told the talking Angela app, the innocent cat as they thought on Saturday their names và she had a brother & then on Monday morning when angelica turned the app back on, it had remembered her name and that she had a brother.

These things AREN’T supposed to lớn ask you questions và especially not questions about dating, using tongues or kissing.

I am disgusted.

I don’t feel safe at all right now.

Knowing that there was some creep talking to my daughter & my niece through a talking phầm mềm.

Please if you have this phầm mềm or any like it the police are saying take it off of your phone.

Some crazy accusations for sure. Let me tell you that right when I saw this that I ran to lớn all my kids’ iPads, iPod touches, & iPhones & removed Talking Tom & every animal lượt thích Angela the mèo that is associated with it. This really is scary. And you know what, it’s totally believable. All the newer devices have webcams, there is voice recognition with these apps, they can mimic you as they’re intended. So, what’s to stop a hacker from getting in the code and chatting with you real-time. Hackers can hachồng your tin nhắn, chat, and IM programs so why not haông chồng an animal & đoạn Clip chat with you?

But, I said this cannot be true. So, I Googled this Facebook chat and sure enough, it has gone viral with discussions here & there. The main rebuttal, from Naked Security, says it’s bogus & cannot possibly happen with the real tech service guidelines và protocols of tiện ích creating.

These talking animal apps allow the user to lớn take screenshots to be shared via Facebook và Twitter. This is supposedly the only real ability of the user lớn show his or her face, và this is supposedly only shared to Facebook or Twitter, and nowhere else.

My take on this whole thing is that it could certainly be true. Hackers morph into so many different advanced ways. We have seen hackers take over computers và then move onlớn identity theft situations. We have also seen Gmail, tin nhắn, & chat programs be hacked as well. What’s to say a video chat program, such as Talking Tom or Talking Angela, cannot be hacked & used to lớn chat, extort, & take advantage of young users? That being said, you should remove this app for now as whether it has happened or could happen, it’s a viable possibility that we should not play Russian Roulette with.

If you feel your computer has a security issue, has a computer virut, has been hacked, you should take immediate action và hire a computer service technician to take care of it. The longer you let a possible computer IT issue linger, the worse your computer may get.

UPDATE!! I have finally found the perfect way to protect yourself from this Talking Tom scare, the Angela the Cat scare, và basically any other disgusting pedophile, hacker, or other evil person on your iPad tablet.

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What you need is a way where others will not see what you’re doing. This means that notoàn thân will be watching you on your Máy tính bảng iPad. In turn, you can be rest assured that you are safe.

To be safe on your iPad, you need a good secure watch out for apps lượt thích this. Truly, the best way, is to lớn avoid Talking Tom or one of its sister sites. One of the clickable ads on this site may further educate you on this, but the best way is cold turkey, straight up not even using these awful apps.

Good luông chồng và stay safe!

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