Grab Share Là Gì

Spover up to lớn 30% less on fares when you book a baoninhsunrise.comShare. baoninhsunrise.comShare allows you to carpool with another party, heading in the same direction. By sharing the ride, you reduce the fare and your carbon footprint too! We also guarantee that there will not be more than one additional drop-off point, so you won’t have sầu lớn make unnecessary detours.

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baoninhsunrise.comShare has benefits beyond than just sharing a ride.


Save sầu on fares. baoninhsunrise.comShare is up lớn 30% cheaper than


Convenient. Get a baoninhsunrise.comShare ride whenever you want, wherever you may want khổng lồ go.


Reduce your carbon footprint. Sharing a ride with other passengers will help the environment.


Drivers will wait for a maximum of 3 minutes, so that we can all be on our way!


Feel không tính phí lớn bring an additional passenger. If you have more than two people travelling together, please book a baoninhsunrise.comCar.


We are unable khổng lồ accommodate any additional stops on baoninhsunrise.comShare rides.

Launch the App.

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Tap on the baoninhsunrise.comShare ibé, đầu vào your Pick-Up and Drop-Off points.

Tap on book and you’re on your way!

baoninhsunrise.comShare is an on-dem& carpooling service, which allows you lớn nội dung your ride and your fare with another buổi tiệc ngọt going in the same direction. You can book anytime, with no need for advance bookings.

All our baoninhsunrise.comShare drivers are from our professional baoninhsunrise.comCar fleet, và are ready to take you wherever you need lớn go.

baoninhsunrise.comShare rides will always be priced at a fraction of baoninhsunrise.comCar rides, & you will save sầu 30% off the fare on each ride.

There are a maximum of two pick-up and two drop-off points for each baoninhsunrise.comShare ride: yours & your fellow rider’s! This way you won’t be delayed unnecessarily, as you head towards your destination.

In the spirit of sharing the ride and sharing the fare, all tolls & fares incurred in a baoninhsunrise.comShare ride will be split equally between the passengers.

Please bring only one additional passenger for your baoninhsunrise.comShare booking. If you need lớn book for more than two people, please book a baoninhsunrise.comCar.