July 1, 2021 through August 2, 2021A Fun và Easy Way to lớn Help!Welcome to our 3rd Photo Conkiểm tra Fundraiser!

Who has the fairest dog of all? Of course, it is your Dog! Here is your chance lớn show off your gorgeous dog to lớn the world. Enter your dog’s picture here ($10 registration fee) and then encourage voting for $1 from your family, friends và social truyền thông media followers. The pholớn with the most votes at the kết thúc of the voting phase will piông xã the month they would like to lớn have the dog featured & two tickets khổng lồ the Affair scheduled for November 12, 2021. The next 11 photos with the most votes will each receive a monthly spread. Each winner has a chance lớn tell their dog’s story.

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Have a look at the 2021 calendar pictures submitted for last year’s conkiểm tra khổng lồ spark some ideas!

Reserve a Day lớn Honor your Pet!

Want a guaranteed spot in the calendar? Reserve a day lớn honor your pet. Your pet’s photo will appear on the day of your choice. ­Just choose your favorite photo và then choose the day và pay! First come first served! Once a date has been reserved, it will no longer be available. Each day is $15. Submit your photo và $15 donation here.

Calendar Pre-Order

Calendars make excellent holiday gifts! You will be able khổng lồ pre-order calendars at a reduced cost. Pre-order calendars here. Calendars will also be available for purchase from our website after the condemo but the cost will be $đôi mươi due lớn our shipping costs.

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This is the third year running this fundraiser. Here are some tips:

The goal is to lớn raise $10,000 to help continue their efforts khổng lồ rescue, rehabilitate & rehome wonderful dogs.


   2021 Affair ~ Silver Linings

We are already gearing up for the 2021 Affair & we need your help. This year’s event will be held on November 12th, from 6:00 to lớn 10:00 p.m., at the Mellwood Art Center in the Van Gogh room.

Read the lademo Tails  for all the details và go lớn’s official sự kiện website lớn buy tickets, sponsor the sự kiện or contribute auction items. 

If you wish khổng lồ donate an chiến thắng for the event tương tác Jennifer at jbarbour for delivery instructions. Make sure you fill out a 2021 Donation Receipt and include it with your cống phẩm. 

You may also make a monetary donation for the sự kiện và we will do the shopping!

November will be here before you know it! We can’t wait khổng lồ see you!

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