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Goat Simulator
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Download Goat Simulator app android for your apk device now khổng lồ transform into a crazy goat. In this game, you can vì anything in the shape of a goat, even find a mate & have children.

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Introduce about Goat Simulator

Introduce about Goat Simulator

Become a goat? It sounds quite absurd, but when it comes lớn Goat Simulator, you will find nothing is impossible. Launched by Coffee Stain Studios, Goat Simulator is a quite unique và quirky simulation trò chơi where players have to lớn transform into a crazy goat. In this game, you can vày anything in an open world. However, thanks to lớn the madness unlike anything before, Goat Simulator has attracted a great giảm giá khuyến mãi of attention.


Goat Simulator opens up an open environment where players are không tính phí to bởi vì whatever they lượt thích without having khổng lồ follow any rules. In this game, gamers will transform into a strange goat wandering around. The mission is almost nothing but destroying everything in sight, gobbling up everything & making the đô thị chaotic. The goat has a tiny horn and a long tongue, you control it khổng lồ drag, knock, hook anything you meet on the road & knock them away.


Players can also rely on a number of environmental features khổng lồ control the goat khổng lồ perform stunts such as launching in the air thanks to large fans, jumping with a trampoline. Because in Goat Simulator, it is not a normal goat. It can even climb extremely high ladders, travel at lightning speed, or leap over walls. Especially even when it was dropped from a high place, hit by a car, stood in the middle of an explosion, or swept its head into the blender, it was unharmed. Players can freely control khổng lồ destroy a gas station, knocking people down, exploding cars, climbing helicopters or doing anything else in this world except destroying the walls and trees.


Goat Simulator also has goals mix for the player, such as completing the flip or destroying certain objects. But that’s not a must, & you can play without care about it.


The more objects you destroy, the higher the points earned. If you’ve ever played Pro Skater (a skateboarding game), then you will see this game also has a similar scoring system. This means that players have to perform many tricks as well as other actions to earn points. Especially if you vày many tricks at the same time, you will apply the multiplier for the total points you earn.

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Contrary to many crazy actions that go out of control of the goat, players can see the residents of the đô thị quite calmly when seeing this action. They didn’t even notice when the goat climbed into the helicopter, jumped into the Ferris wheel or destroyed the party. The only thing the player sees the residents reacting lớn is when a few people were knocked away by a goat, the surrounding people fled.

Unlock new animals

This game is named Goat Simulator but it does not mean that the player is only allowed to control the goat in the whole game. There are many other unique animals such as devil goats, giraffes, ostriches, or cows with chất lượng skills that can be used. However, if you want khổng lồ roleplay into these animals, you must unlock them gradually by collecting small gold goat statues hidden in this game. In addition, players can also upgrade their goat’s cấp độ so that it can perform many other actions.

Graphics và effects

Goat Simulator opens to lớn the player a free, vast world with a huge number of extremely well-arranged items. Especially the world in this game is designed in a beautiful 3 chiều style, quite similar lớn real life & players can easily explore.


The destructive actions of the goats are also very smooth, creating a sense of authenticity. However many times you will find that they have many unreasonable actions such as standing upright on a small fence, bởi vì not worry. These errors are deliberately kept by manufacturers lớn make a difference & be funny. And this is also an odd game, so you vì chưng not need to be too concerned about those details.

About the MOD game android version of Goat Simulator

The thủ thuật version of this game is currently unavailable. We will update in the future.

Download Goat Simulator android for Android

Although has no special nội dung or story, Goat Simulator still has a strange attraction thanks to the unreal & crazy to lớn create its own style. Currently, it’s completely không tính phí to download. But, players can choose the paid version such as Goat Simulator Waste of Space, Goat Simulator Payday to enjoy more exciting features.