Looking for all the latest Genshin Impact codes khổng lồ redeem? Primogems are a hot commodity in Genshin Impact, và one of the best ways lớn get them is by redeeming Genshin Impact codes. These codes are periodically released on social truyền thông media by developers Mihoyo, và are among the easiest ways khổng lồ get không tính tiền Primogems, Mora, character EXP, & other in-game rewards.

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Below we"ve listed all working Genshin Impact codes currently redeemable in the game. We"ll also explain how lớn redeem codes online, where you can go khổng lồ find more codes, và other ways to get Primogems while you"re waiting for Mihoyo khổng lồ release more codes lớn redeem.

Last checked on: 26th September, 2022.

Genshin Impact codes

6A6VJTWGCPYV - 60 Primogems và 5 Adventurer"s ExperienceGENSHINGIFT - 50 Primogems and 3 Hero"s Wit
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How to lớn redeem Genshin Impact codes

To redeem a Genshin Impact code, you first need to lớn redeem Adventure Rank 10. Once you"ve reached Rank 10, xuất hiện up the Genshin Impact Code Redemption page online. Login to your account và then enter your server, character nickname, & the code you wish to lớn redeem.

Once the information is entered, click the Redeem button. You"ll automatically receive the rewards when you next start up Genshin Impact.

The rewards are well worth the effort it took lớn get to lớn Adventure Rank 10, as most codes will offer you oodles of Mora và Primogems, along with the occasional windfall of Hero"s Wit, Adventurer"s Experience, và other Character EXP materials.

You can redeem any Genshin Impact code that is still active, but eventually a code will expire, meaning it can no longer be redeemed. Below you"ll find the full danh mục of old Genshin Impact codes that can no longer be redeemed because they have expired.


Where to lớn get more Genshin Impact codes

Above is the full danh mục of codes available to redeem for Genshin Impact, & we"re working hard to lớn keep this page updated whenever new codes are released or become expired. But if you want to vì chưng some code-hunting yourself, the best way khổng lồ stay up-to-date with new codes is by checking the Genshin Impact Twitter and Facebook pages. It"s also a good idea to join the Genshin Impact Discord hệ thống if you haven"t already.

How to lớn get more Primogems in Genshin Impact

Because Primogems are such an important currency, Mihoyo have made sure there are plenty of ways to lớn get your hands on them. Here are all the ways you can get more Primogems in Genshin Impact:

Codes: Redeeming the above codes is by far the easiest way lớn get Primogems and other rewards for free.Quests: Many quests offer up Primogems as a reward for completion - particularly Archon (main) quests, và Story (character) quests.

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Daily Commissions: After you reach Adventure Rank 10, you"ll be able khổng lồ take on Daily Commissions - simple daily quests which can be completed for surprisingly lucrative rewards, including Primogems.Complete Adventurer"s Handbook objectives: Completing the various chapters in the "Experience" section of your Adventurer"s Handbook (unlocked after completing Act 1 of the Prologue) will earn you 50-150 Primogems each.Partake in limited-time event quests: sự kiện quests tend khổng lồ arrive alongside a new banner or update, and just lượt thích Archon quests they"ll give you a decent number of Primogems upon completion.Chests: Opening chests is another way khổng lồ earn small amounts of Primogems which stack up over time. Ordinary chests only get you 2 Primogems, but rarer types of chests can reward you with 20-40 Primogems.Shrines: Shrines Of Depths can be unlocked using their corresponding keys. Inside each one is a Luxurious Chest containing 40 Primogems.Worship Statues: You can exchange Oculi at Statues Of The Seven, in exchange for (among other rewards) Primogems.Achievements: Completing achievements will net you Primogems - some more than others. If you want to lớn get Primogems quickly, focus on the more challenging quests which net you more Primogems as a reward.Mail: Keep an eye on your mailbox for gifts from Mihoyo to lớn celebrate special occasions such as your birthday or a new major update - or even just to lớn apologise for vps difficulties or time lost due khổng lồ maintenance.The Shop: You can purchase Genesis Crystals from the in-game siêu thị in exchange for real money. After that, head khổng lồ the Wish screen and click the plus icon next to lớn your Primogems counter in the top-right. This opens up a panel where you can convert your Genesis Crystals into Primogems.

Expired codes list

If you don"t redeem Genshin Impact codes quickly enough, they"ll expire, meaning they can no longer be used. Here"s the full menu of all expired codes:


That"s over 5,000 Primogems, 800,000 Mora, and tonnes of other materials that you"ve missed out on there! Better bookmark this page to lớn make sure you don"t miss any future Genshin codes, eh?

For more on Genshin Impact, kiểm tra out our best characters tier list, or consult our page on where to find trắng Iron Chunks. You can also check out details on the next Genshin Impact banner, và information on the different Genshin Impact currencies if you"re unsure what the difference is between Primogems & Mora.