What vị you think about one day, a little girl appeared in front of you, called you master và did everything you asked for? Today, will introduce to you Teaching Feeling APK, an cấm trẻ em game for Android that meets all that I just mentioned.

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Overview information

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Teaching Feeling
Android 4.3

Introduce about Teaching Feeling


When starting Teaching Feeling, you were some of the doctors in a small town. This doctor is single, often focused on work và does not spover much time on other concerns. One day, a man who appeared in front of his house và led with another girl. He said he had been rescued by you and wanted khổng lồ repay you with that child, whose named Sylvie. The story begins here.



In Teaching Feeling, your main task is helping Sylvie recover health & psychology after being subjected lớn torture from the previous owners. This is a visual novel game, you will have sầu 3 things can do with her: talk, rub her head or touch her. When choosing 1 of 3, the game will continue khổng lồ evolve sầu in many different directions that you are the decision-maker.

If you talk lớn Sylvie, you will realize that her health is not good, và the previous traumatic events seem to have knocked her down. The former owners often torture her khổng lồ entertain themselves. The scars all over her were the result of chemicals spilled on her. Prove you are a good master khổng lồ help her through a nightmare.


“Rub her head” doesn’t mean much và Sylvie doesn’t underst& what you mean. However, if this action is done continuously for many days, she will also feel less insecure và smile when you rub her head.

And “touch” will be the first step for the series of actions with bad minds. A game labelled người lớn because, after this action, you can go further. You are the master, the choice is entirely up lớn you.

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Take care of her

The task in Teaching Feeling is khổng lồ take care of Sylvie, but you must also maintain your daily life. Work và earn money lớn cover your needs và Sylvie. In addition, she came lớn your life more than a slave sầu. She is lượt thích a soul mate, a light to your lonely life. Be kind to Sylvie, gradually, she will open her heart và have many interesting interactions and xinh tươi emotions. Not only that, your life not only revolves around Sylvie, outside the other town there are many interesting things và unexpected relationships. Don’t forget khổng lồ go out and explore them.


Some tips you may need

Although you just need to lớn choose, many players lost Sylvie after only 15 days of living with her. The reason is that Sylvie had an illness and did not survive. So how khổng lồ overcome these difficult 15 days?


First và foremost, never touch the “touch” button. As I said, Sylvie is inherently weak & needs care, if you have sầu any desire for her, it will be an extremely bad signal, Sylvie may fall ill và die. Talk often và rub her head and show sympathy. If you are interested, Sylvie will open her heart khổng lồ you. She will ask for help from her master & go out. Teaching Feeling has an intimate bar, how cthua thảm you are khổng lồ the little girl will be assessed through this bar. Meet Sylvie’s needs & keep the intimacy score above 50, và prioritize options that increase this score. Continue lớn treat her well until the 15th day, Sylvie will get sick. When the intimate score is over 50, choose a cure for her & she will survive the first 15 difficult days.

Humanitarian values

Teaching Feeling contains humanitarian values about feminism và child protection laws. The image of Sylvie is weak, timid and can be broken at any time, but with tolerance và understanding, you can help her overcome pain & be the foundation for a good life after. Through that image, the manufacturer wants khổng lồ sover khổng lồ the players the beautiful messages of human rights, cause & effect law & many other things in life.

How lớn open Teaching Feeling?

mở cửa game -> Cliông xã Menu -> Skip.Wait a while.Cliông xã Menu -> Skip again.When Menu reappears, clichồng Menu -> Aukhổng lồ.

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Download Teaching Feeling APK for Android

Teaching Feeling is a game with gameplay that is not new but still very attractive. 2D images mixed with creepy colors bring players curiosity as well as create chất lượng features for the game. Teaching Feeling is a visual novel game, you can choose anything you want. If you come to lớn conquer the game, behave like a gentleman, but if you just come to lớn satisfy yourself… you know what khổng lồ bởi vì.

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