Looking for a neat danh sách of all the Batman Arkyêu thích games in order? Here it is! See if you can find your favorite Batman Arkđam mê game here.

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Batman: Arkđê mê Asylum

Release date: August 25, 2009

Platforms: PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Windows, macOS

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As mentioned above sầu, Batman: Arkyêu thích Asylum was the first game in the series that kicked everything off.

After the titular anh hùng captures his most recognizable foe, the Joker, & brings hyên lớn the Arkmê mẩn Asylum, it doesn’t take long until things start khổng lồ go sour, as you’d expect. Joker breaks free, and soon enough, with the help of some other signature villains, he takes control of the facility, and it is up khổng lồ Batman to lớn resolve the situation.

Gameplay-wise, the game features a simple but fast & immensely satisfying combat system built around countering enemy attacks & blending combat encounters with well-executed stealth sections.

When it comes lớn overcoming these encounters, the player has a variety of gadgets at their disposal, allowing them to lớn approach every situation from multiple angles. Furthermore, the environments of the Asylum are highly detailed, và the various trophies & riddles left by Riddler truly make the location come alive.

Batman: Arksay mê Asylum was originally released in 2009 for the PS3, the Xbox 360 và Windows. It was ported to lớn macOS in 2011, và a remastered version of the game was released for the PS4 và the Xbox One in năm 2016.


The third entry in the series was not a sequel but a prequel, which can be inferred from the title alone: Batman: Arksay đắm Origins.

The game shows the player an earlier part in Batman’s career, following a younger and less experienced Bruce Wayne on his nighttime outings. After Black Mask, the game’s (alleged) main villain takes note of Batman’s interventions; he puts a massive 50-million-dollar bounty on his head. Soon enough, the inexperienced Dark Knight finds himself in over his head, having khổng lồ face several professional assassins who may very well be out of his league.

In terms of gameplay, the game remains more or less the same as the previous two titles in terms of the core formula và the mechanics: combat encounters, stealth encounters, puzzles, trophies and a variety of gadgets for every situation.

However, the formula did get a tad stale after two games, và the uninspired boss fights and lackluster environment thiết kế don’t exactly help the matter, making Origins a rather weak links in the series.

Arkđắm đuối Origins was released only for the PS3, the Xbox 360, the Wii U và Windows, never receiving a macOS port or an 8th-gen console remaster.


The final major release in the main series (for now) was the somewhat controversial Batman: Arksi mê Knight.

The story picks up after the events of Arkđê mê City, & this time, moving the action from Arksay mê City lớn the very streets of Gotsi mê. The two main villains of the fourth game are Scarecrow và the titular Arksi mê Knight, who serves as a sort of dark reflection of Batman. This time, the game takes place on a much larger portion of Gotham mê City’s territory, which was evacuated due to the threat of Scarecrow’s fear gas.

Yet again, the gameplay formula remains mostly unchanged, although the game definitely feels more streamlined, as fighting and exploration feel smoother than before.

One major new addition is the Batmobile, Batman’s signature vehicle that the player can use both for transport and combat, though the unskippable Batđiện thoại segments can get tiresome after a while, as they’re not quite as engaging.

The game was originally released only for the PS4, the Xbox One và Windows, though the Windows version faced some criticism due to lớn terrible performance at launch.