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Science Sheds Light On The Truth

The is a retìm kiếm institute leading scientific investigations in the Republic of Korea. We take strides toward forensic science education and ayên for the development of new analysis techniques along with rapid & accurate examinations through analysis and interpretation necessary for crime investigations & identification of causes for incidents và accidents as well as engage in various research, analysis and training for scientific criminal investigations.

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Mission & Vision

The is a professional forensic science institute that realizes social justice. As a leading forensic institute, we lead scientific investigations và contribute to the development of forensic science & the realization of social justice by securing a sustainable growth engine for scientific investigations, establishing a high-chất lượng analysis foundation, building a customer-oriented service system và leading global forensic science.

Forensic DNA Division

The Forensic DNA division started DNA analysis services in 1992 for the first time in South Korea and performs forensic identification of victims violent crimes such as murder & rape as well as large scale disasters & accidents such as the Daegu Subway Fire.






Forensic Toxicology Division

The Forensic Toxicology division performs analysis on medicines, poisons, adulterated foods, narcotics, and hallucinogenic and/or harmful chemicalsubstances in various biological samples & on-site evidence related to lớn the identification of the cause of death and examination on regulated substances.

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Forensic Chemistry Division

The Forensic Chemistry division performs precise examination on the coidentity of industrial products và estimation of the country of origin by using chemical fingerprints through isotopes, trace elements and multi-element analysis.


Forensic Safety Division

The Forensic Safety division is responsible for examinations related to lớn accident interpretation based on physical & engineering knowledge.


Digital Analysis Division

The Digital Analysis division performs restoration, reintegration, and analysis of various digital evidence including Mobile phones, hard disks, and memory cards.

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Traffic Accident Analysis Division

The Traffic Accident Analysis division conducts analysis & research on the course of a vehicle, center line invasion, collision tốc độ, escape vehicle, vehicle defect, driver identification, interpretation of passenger movement in minor traffic accidents, & intentional traffic accidents.

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