Fibroblast là gì

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To answer these questions further experiments were directed lớn the use of mouse fibroblasts - somatic, fully differentiated cells - for nuclear transplantation inlớn early meiotic ooplasm.
The reactions in normal and immune-deprived mice are of comparable size & both contain eosinophils, neutrophils, monocytes, fibroblasts & plasma cells.
Long-term survival of transplanted basal forebrain cells following in vitro propagation with fibroblast growth factor-2.
Earlier results from our laboratory show that centrifugation increases fibronectin matrix survival signaling via integrins in primary osteoblasts and fibroblasts.
Preimplantation và postimplantation development of rat embryos cloned with cumulus cells & fibroblasts.
To our knowledge, few studies have been carried out on the cell-cycle stage of ear fibroblast cells from transgenic cloned cattle.
In conclusion, a detailed analysis of cell-cycle stages for ear fibroblasts from transgenic cloned cattle was presented in this study.
Functional unit of the low mật độ trùng lặp từ khóa lipoprotein receptor of fibroblasts: a 100 000-dalton structure with multiple binding sites.
Inhibition of epidermal growth factor binding to mouse cultured cells by fibroblast-derived growth factor.

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However, no study to lớn date has examined the effect of relaxin on apoptosis outside the reproductive sầu tract or in (myo)fibroblast cells.
As negative sầu control (no histolytic activity), fibroblasts were incubated under identical conditions but without ciliates.
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