Fast Pace Health is dedicated khổng lồ providing primary, walk-in, & urgent care to the communities we serve sầu. We provide treatments for a wide range of illnesses, injuries, and comtháng conditions, as well as provide a variety of wellness, diagnostic, & screening services. Fast Pace Health strives lớn create easier access to convenient và affordable health care. We accept most major insurance providers và offer competitive sầu self-pay prices.

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We offer a wide variety of urgent care treatment options that include health screenings và tests, minor injuries, skin conditions, và diagnostics.


Prevention và Wellness

Fast Pace strives to lớn keep its patients healthy by promoting health và wellness through screenings & tests, routine physicals, và vaccines.


Occupational Health

Fast Pace Health provides much more than urgent care. Take advantage of our broad range of employer services to lớn help keep your business moving forward.

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Monitoring và Management

At Fast Pace Health, we are able to lớn help you manage conditions such as acid reflux, asthma, diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol, & much more.

Payment Flexibility

You now have the ability to lớn pay your bill online.Please use the links below to enter the information found on your invoice.

Pay Your Bill Online

Service Videos

Tennessee, Kentucky, Louisiamãng cầu, Mississippi, & Indiana xuất hiện 7 days a week No appointment necessary Accepting most major health insurance plans Walk-in visits with reserve sầu online optionHealth Care Employment Opportunities

Fast PaceHealth is committed to lớn hiring compassionate, driven team members, in our urgent care clinics throughout Tennessee, Kentucky, Mississippi, Louisiamãng cầu, and Indiana, that will ensure our patients receive sầu remarkable care.

Current Job Postings

With a family-focused và community atmosphere, Fast Pace Health is a great place lớn not only visit as a patient but also be your employer.

Fast Pace is regularly looking for the following:

Nurse PractitionersNursesMedical assistantsX-Ray technologists