Dial là gì

lớn operate a phone or make a phone Hotline khổng lồ someone by choosing a particular series of numbers on the phone:

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to lớn make a telephone call by pressing the buttons or turning the disk on a telephone lớn be connected to a particular number:
the part of a machine or device that shows a measurement, such as of tốc độ or time, often a numbered circle with a moving pointer (= long narrow part with a point)
to lớn make a phone Điện thoại tư vấn by pressing a series of buttons with numbers, or moving a disc with numbers, on the phone:
The subjects were chosen by a random digit dialing technique that reaches people with listed và unlisted phone numbers.
Two age-matched controls were selected for each patient by sequential digit dialling anchored to lớn a case"s telephone number.
One control was selected for each case using forward/backward digit dialling from the case"s home page telephone number.
Both studies used a multistage procedure based on randomdigit dialing khổng lồ screen subjects followed by confirmatory clinical examination.
Then the lists of stations tuned in by the sudden twists of the dials will probably be very different for the 2 radtiện ích ios.
The person who has made the Call is likely khổng lồ have sầu an idea of the limited population of potential answerers for the number dialed.
The investigators subcontracted with a kinh doanh & opinion retìm kiếm company that identified controls using a random digit dialing procedure.

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Two healthy controls were sought for each patient : using sequential digit dialing within area code and prefix, controls were matched by age & place of residence.
There are a few local điện thoại tư vấn codes which, when added to lớn the called subscriber"s number, require 10 or 11 digits to lớn be dialled.
The juryman, fortunately, & honestly & in public spirit, went straight in & dialled the police, and the matter was reported.
The initial list of the extensions that may be dialled direct reflects the present capađô thị of the telephone exchange khổng lồ accept such calls.
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