Purchasing crack online carries a two-fold risk. First, law enforcement is growing increasingly internet savvy, cracking down on such purchases. Second, there is no oversight on what a dealer actually sends to a given buyer.

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Risks Associated

There are significant dangers in buying crack cocaine online.

The crack can be cut with cheaper substances.There is no legal recourse if the purchase is not sent or is not as you ordered.Many sites on the dark web claiming to sell illegal goods are just scam sites, stealing your personal information.Law enforcement is inherently more digital tech-savvy than before, nailing black market retailers and seizing customer records.

The fact that crack cocaine is cut with cheaper substitutes is not unique to drug nor online purchases. Purchasing crack online, however, adds a level of distance between you and a retailer that can’t really be denied. For the same reason, it may feel safer for you to commit a crime online, the black-market retailer may feel safer to cut costs more often and with more dangerous practices than if their customers know their general location.

Buying Drugs Online

There is a black-market trend of people purchasing illicit drugs online via various websites.

This type of business was once booming too. Before one of the largest sites on the dark web was shut down by the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), it was raking in over $1.2 billion in illegal sales.

The dark web is essentially a part of the internet that regular search engines cannot reach. Not all of this cyber real estate is for crime, but a crime that does operate on the dark web is harder for law enforcement and other regulators to track or control.

A big draw to the dark web for both benign or criminal users is that it usually allows a level of privacy from governments and corporations that are not seen on the regular internet.

It is no wonder that some users turn to the dark web to buy drugs. Not having to meet a dealer in person may seem easier and safer.

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Beyond the regular reasons that abusing drugs is unwise, there are added reasons you should be careful when making this type of purchase online. It is important to understand the legal, financial, and health risks associated with illegally buying drugs online.

No Recourse

This flows into the second point about online illicit purchases: there is no way of punishing a dealer who rips you off. A dealer can send dangerously cut drugs, an item you never ordered, or even nothing at all, and you have very little recourse. Increasingly, big black-market sites are being shut down by law enforcement agencies.

While it is good these sites are shutting down, they had systems in place, not unlike Amazon’s star system, to keep dealers “honest.” Now those big sites are disappearing and being replaced by smaller sites, led by small and mostly unknown criminals, that may have no such system and no good way to check the claims of their sellers.

With all this in mind, it is no wonder that scams are growing in number. As users seek a fix online, they have to “outrun” law enforcement, as the FBI and similar organizations shut down the most popular sites. This increases the likelihood that a user will turn to increasingly sketchier websites.

If you give your information to the wrong people, they may have your name, address, credit card information, and at least some of your money before you realize they are not sending anything. All the while, they may have digital proof that you attempted to commit a crime.

Finally, law enforcement officials are digital-tech educated and experienced. While the dark web is still very much a haven for a great deal of criminal activity, law enforcement agencies are deep into detecting the people hosting black-market websites and those who buy products from them.

Being Safe

Some people believe in harm-reduction practices. The idea is that people will continue to purchase crack online despite all the warnings not to. Since the practice is ongoing, there are some definite steps people can do to be a bit safer.


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