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confidence /"kɔnfidəns/ danh từ sự nói riêng; sự giãi tỏ vai trung phong sựtold in confidence: nói riêng chuyện riêng, chuyện vai trung phong sự, cthị xã bí mật, chuyên túng bấn mậtkhổng lồ exchange confidences: bộc bạch trọng tâm sự cùng nhau, hội đàm chuyện riêng biệt với nhauto take somebody inkhổng lồ one"s confidence: thanh minh cthị trấn riêng cùng với ai sự tin, sự tin cẩn, sự tin tưởngto lớn have confidence in somebody: tin ở aito lớn gain somebody"s confidence: được ai tin tưởng, được ai tín nhiệmto give sầu one"s confidence to somebody: tin cẩn ailớn misplace one"s confidence: tin cẩn fan không giỏi, tin bạn ko xứng đáng tinto worm oneself into lớn somebody"s confidence: luồn lõi tìm cách đem lòng tin của ai sự tin vững chắc, sự trái quyếtkhổng lồ speak with confidence: nói quả quyết sự liều, sự liều lĩnhhe speaks with too much confidence: nó nói liềuto lớn striông chồng confidence rất là kín (chỉ biết riêng biệt cùng với nhau)man of confidence bạn trọng tâm phúc
độ tin cậylòng tintin tưởng tưởngsự tin cậycentral confidence intervalkhoảng tầm tin yêu trung tâmcentral confidence intervalkhoảng tầm tin triệu tập tâmconfidence beltđới tin cậyconfidence coefficienthệ số tin cậyconfidence coefficientnút tin cậyconfidence factorhệ số tin cậyconfidence factor (CF)thông số dĩ nhiên chắnconfidence factor (CF)thông số tin cậyconfidence intervalkhoảng cách tin cậyconfidence intervalkhoảng tin cậyconfidence intervalmiền tin cậyconfidence levelthông số tin cậyconfidence levelnút tin cậyconfidence limitgiới hạn tin cậyconfidence rangekhoảng tầm tin cậyconfidence rangemiền tin cậyconfidence regionkhoảng tin cậyconfidence regionmiền tin cậydegree of confidenceđộ tin cậydegree of confidencenút tin cậynon-central confidence intervalkhoảng chừng tin cậy không trung tâmshorchạy thử confidence intervalkhoảng tầm tin tưởng nlắp nhấtđoạn phim confidence headđầu video clip tin cậykín đáo nghề nghiệpđiều túng mậtlòng tinbreach of confidence: sự làm tan vỡ lòng tincrisis of confidence: khủng hoảng lòng tinsự tín nhiệmtin cậyconfidence coefficient: thông số tin cậyconfidence interval: khoảng chừng tin cậyconfidence level: nấc tin cậyconfidence level: cường độ tin cậyconfidence level: độ tin cậyconfidence limits: số lượng giới hạn tin cậydegree of confidence: độ tin cậyinterval confidence: khoản tin cậyinterval confidence: khoảng chừng tin cậybarron"s confidence indexlý lẽ sưbreach of confidencelộ túng bấn mậtbreach of confidencebật mí túng mậtconfidence gamehành động lừa đảoconfidence gamesự bội tínconfidence in currencytin cần sử dụng chi phí tệconfidence in dollartin cần sử dụng đô-la Mỹ

Word families (Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs): confidence, confide, confident, confidential, confidently, confidentially

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Từ điển Collocation

confidence noun

1 belief in others

ADJ. absolute, complete, full, total The company needs the full confidence of its investors. | great, high, real Confidence is high among mỏi the team"s supporters. | reasonable | growing, increased, increasing | new, renewed | misplaced The general"s confidence in his army proved misplaced. | international | popular, public public confidence in the government | business, consumer, customer, investor, market

VERB + CONFIDENCE enjoy, feel, have sầu This government no longer enjoys the confidence of the public. We all have sầu complete confidence in this hàng hóa. | express He expressed confidence in the new plans. | be lacking in, laông xã | nội dung She wished that she shared his confidence. | maintain, preserve to lớn maintain public confidence in the system of justice | bolster, boost, build (up), enhance, improve sầu, increase, lift, raise Higher profits should raise business confidence. | gain | commvà, create, develop, encourage, engender, generate, give sầu (sb), inspire, instil The training is designed lớn give staff confidence in managing problems. The company"s record does not really inspire confidence. | rebuild, restore, revive sầu Only if the chairperson resigns will we be able to lớn restore the confidence of our members. | đại bại This government has lost the confidence of the public. | damage, dent, sap, shake, undermine, weaken Only one bank scandal is needed lớn shake the confidence in the financial markets. | destroy, shatter

CONFIDENCE + VERB decrease | grow, increase, rise | return Confidence has returned lớn the market.

PREP. ~ about The captain was not lacking in confidence about his team"s prospects. | ~ ahy vọng a loss of confidence aao ước investors | ~ between efforts lớn build confidence between employers and unions | ~ in They have no confidence in the legal system.

PHRASES a crisis of confidence There is a crisis of confidence in the university about its future role. | have sầu every/little/no/some confidence The captain of the football team said he had every confidence in his men. | a lack of confidence, a loss of confidence, a vote of (no) confidence This is a tremendous vote of confidence for the government. | a (no) confidence motion/vote The government lost a parliamentary confidence vote.

2 belief in yourself

ADJ. considerable, enormous, great | sublime, supreme, tremendous, utter | added, extra | fresh, new-found | increased, increasing, growing | calm, quiet giving an outward appearance of quiet confidence | easy She spoke in a tone of easy confidence. | false All his false confidence had drained away. | inner, personal | social

VERB + CONFIDENCE have sầu She has very little confidence in her own abilities. | show | feel ‘I can explain,’ he said, with a confidence he did not feel. | bryên with, exude, be full of, ooze, radiate Since she got the new job, she"s been brimming with confidence. a man who exudes confidence | be lacking in, laông xã A lot of children are lacking in confidence. | acquire, develop, gain, gather She"s gained a lot of confidence over the last year. | grow in As the weeks went by he grew in confidence. | thua During his illness he really lost his confidence. | get baông chồng, rebuild, recover, regain, restore He"s really striking the ball well và has got his confidence baông xã. | bolster, boost, build (up), enhance Winning the competition really boosted her confidence. | give sầu sb, instil to lớn instil confidence in staff who feel nervous about taking on new roles | dent, sap, shake, undermine, weaken Failing his exams really dented his confidence. | destroy, shatter

CONFIDENCE + VERB drain (away), evaporate, go My confidence went completely after my first major defeat. | grow, increase, rise Their confidence grew with each success. | return

CONFIDENCE + NOUN boost, booster The home side badly need a confidence booster. | building Getting the certificate does a lot in terms of confidence building.

PREPhường. with ~ She answered the question with confidence. | ~ about I lacked confidence about how I looked | ~ in his confidence in himself

PHRASES a lachồng of confidence, a loss of confidence

3 trust

ADJ. absolute, complete, full, total | mutual

VERB + CONFIDENCE enjoy, have sầu The Cabinet must enjoy the confidence of Parliament. | keep, retain | gain, get, win | build an environment which builds mutual confidence | betray, break | place, put Are we lớn place confidence in a minister who cannot rethành viên a phone call he made last week? | withhold | take sb into She thought she might take Leo into her confidence.

CONFIDENCE + NOUN trichồng, trickster

PREPhường. in ~ She told me in confidence?I couldn"t break that confidence, could I?

PHRASES a breach of confidence Telling other people what I"d said was a total breach of confidence. | in strict confidence Enquiries will be dealternative text with in the stricchạy thử confidence.

4 secret

ADJ. whispered

VERB + CONFIDENCE exchange, cốt truyện The girls exchanged whispered confidences. | keep | betray I could never forgive sầu Mike for betraying a confidence. | encourage, invite She didn"t encourage confidences.