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Which one should I use,either “concern of something” or “concern about something”?

Thanks for your answering.

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I want to lớn say I"m worrying about something,& which one should I use,either “concern of something” or “concern about something”?

Unfortunately, neither of your suggestions are correct.

You could say:

I am concerned about something.


I have a concern about something.

or simply:

I have sầu a concern.

I am concerned.

It is also acceptable to say you have sầu a concern or are concerned over something (rather than "about"). Also you may say you are concerned for someone or something.

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None of them if you want khổng lồ use the verb concern.

According to lớn the Cambridge Dictionary


khổng lồ cause worry to someone The state of my father"s health concerns us greatly. < + that > It concerns me that he hasn"t been in tương tác.

The subject is that something that you are worried about.

is concerning me It concerns me that

You can also use the adjective concerned in the way that Astralbee has suggested


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