How to cheat on a test

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An Algerian lawmaker has been jailed for three years for trying lớn help his daughter cheat on a school maths exam, according khổng lồ state news agency APS on Tuesday.

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Abdenacer Ardjoun, a thành viên of parliament from the ruling National Liberation Front (FLN), was detained earlier this month after attempting to lớn smuggle an envelope khổng lồ his daughter containing answers khổng lồ the test.

Under Algerian law, parliamentarian's immunity only extends to lớn activities related lớn their work.

A local police chief, the school principal và another person were handed the same sentence in Monday's ruling, the agency reported without identifying the fourth person. The police chief was hired by Ardjoun to deliver the answers and was imprisoned for attempted fraud và "abuse of office".

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According to AFP, cheating is on the rise in Algeria's schools in recent years, which has prompted authorities to clamp down on it. Last year, 31 people were jailed for between six month & three years for high school exam fraud.

Measures undertaken by the Algerian government have included widespread internet shutdowns and temporary blocks on social truyền thông networks during exam periods and penalties of up lớn 15 years imprisonment for leaking exam topics.

Cutting mạng internet access during high school exams is a frequent measure taken khổng lồ prevent cheating in some Arab countries, including Iraq and Sudan.

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