Car mechanic simulator 2018 cheats ⚡ extra money

What is Car Mechanic Simulator 2018?

Car Mechanic is a really popular simulation game where players get to repair, paint, tune and drive their own cars. Developed by Red Dot Games and published by PlayWay S.A., Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 skyrocketed the brand and the developer lớn massive sầu success overnight. Right now the game has over 29,000 review on Steam, the majority of which (some 27,000 reviews) rate it as being very positive sầu. That makes it one of the most liked games currently on the platform!CheatsMod ManagerConsole CommandsTrainerCratesIf you are looking for all the best oto mods in CMS we have sầu created an article with all of this information for you, it is worth a read if you love the game.If you enjoy playing CMS then you might also want to lớn consider other games like My Summer Car & the mods, where you can similarly build, maintain & modify your car just like this game, but with a classic twist.

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Do Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 Cheats exist?

Yes, they bởi, and you’ll find most if not all of them in this article. As other players have sầu already rightly pointed out, Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 isn’t an MMO game, so there’s no point grinding levels & slowly gaining experience just khổng lồ reach a point where you’re satisfied with the game. The amount of time it takes lớn reach màn chơi 30 is simply ridiculous, hence why many people turn lớn cheat codes và trainers which allow them lớn fully enjoy the game much sooner.When it comes to lớn gaining mega experience, unlimited money, or any other game perk for that matter, there’s a couple of ways you can go about it. You can enter a cheat code directly into the game or you can tải về and run a trainer file which will unloông chồng various perks. I’ll cover all possible methods in this article, as well as show you how you can play around with the game’s crates và get your desired perk every single time.

Cheat Codes

If you want the easiest way of gaining money & experience, it really doesn’t get much simpler than using cheat codes. To start, access the in-game computer and select the little công nghệ Bluetooth không dây inhỏ located at the very top-right corner of the screen. A text field input đầu vào should appear where you can enter cheat codes và get your desired perks. Pressing ‘Enter’ will input the text và you should receive sầu the desired output. Here are the most popular Car Mechanic 2018 Cheat Codes:moneyplease – This gives you extra money which you can then use in-game for tuning and paint.moneybigtimeplease – A variation of the cheat code above, except this one gives you $200.imtoolazytogrindexp – As its name would suggest, use this code if you don’t want to lớn grind experience all day, as it will instantly give sầu you 50 EXPhường.flyhigh – This enables noclip mode, or, in other words, gives you the ability khổng lồ fly & move sầu through most of the game’s objects.

Installing the Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 Mod Manager

If you want an easy way of managing car config files and have a basic save game editor, then tải về this tệp tin we found on the steamcommunity diễn đàn. It basically allows you khổng lồ change your money và experience màn chơi, install or delete oto mods (also track all mods), dial mods, và tinker with all the car config files.The links khổng lồ the steamcommunity article explains more and delves a bit further, & there’s even a github links where you can tải về it from or inspect the source code if you don’t trust the guys which created it and want to lớn take a look at how it works for yourself.

Popular Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 Console Commands Cheats

Another easy way of gaining money & experience is to lớn make a new profile with a cheat promo code. Do note though, that this only works if you start a new profile from scratch. It will not work with a preexisting protệp tin, even if you appdata files lớn change your name. When starting the protệp tin, choose any of the following names, depending on how much money and experience you want khổng lồ start with.cms2018promo – This is the full unlochồng, where you skip the tutorial, get maximum cash, full experience, and unlock every skill in the game. Think of it lượt thích a sandbox mode, where you’ve sầu beaten the game và can now just play around và experiment.cms2018stage1 – This ‘teleports’ you lớn cấp độ 6 and gives you $8000 to lớn start with. It’s great if you still want khổng lồ beat the game on your own but would much rather not start from nothing.
cms2018stage2 – This ‘boosts’ you to cấp độ 14 & gives you $19,000 lớn begin with. It’s the perfect starting point if you want khổng lồ reach màn chơi 35 yourself but don’t want lớn spkết thúc an eternity doing it.Do note that after you’ve created a new protệp tin & started the game, you can just go khổng lồ your game files, located in the appdata, & change the profile name from there directly. The next time you start the game it will warn you that your game files are out of sync with the steam library, at which point you should select ‘Upload from local’ & the game will take care of everything else for you.

Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 Cheats Trainer

Although there are a few trainers you can find online, some are more popular than others (not khổng lồ mention they work as intended). The first one I want lớn highlight is this one. Here’s a YouTube đoạn Clip you can watch to lớn see how it works và what it unlocks.The one thing the author warns about is a best-practice effort: you should activate the cheats during the actual gameplay và not in the main menu.
Another popular trainer for Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 Cheats is from the guys over at CheatHappens. This trainer, available for version 1.6.5., even has support for Steam. Not only does the trainer increase money & experience, but it also unlocks all upgrades, gives you fast unmounts, perfect condition of all parts, freezes order time, sets part chất lượng, & adds barn to map (as well as a few more perks you can view on their site). If you’re running an older version of the game, such as 1.6.4, the guys have you covered, because if you scroll down further in the above-provided liên kết, you can find a trainer compatible with older versions.WeMod, one of the largest game communities for mods & cheat codes, also has a trainer for Car Mechanic Simulator 2018. You can find it here. It gives you unlimited money and mega exp, as well as max car parts condition, easy unmounts parts, and all parts examined. Some users have warned that mega experience doesn’t work as it reverts bachồng to original in a few seconds, but the admins over at Wemode have sầu commented that they’ve sorted it out & it should now work as intended.

Crates và how lớn get the most out of them

Crates are in-game ‘loot boxes’ that can drop tuning parts or game additions. The disappointing thing is that they’ve been designed lớn very occasionally drop good parts or ‘loot’. Luckily for you, there is a way of tricking the system & getting a good cống phẩm every time. Here’s what you vị.Step 1. Save sầu your game by clicking the right mouse và selecting save sầu game (alternatively, you can vì escape & save game from there). Now go khổng lồ the main thực đơn and load the saved game again.Step 2. mở cửa a crate và see what you got.Step 3. If you’re not satisfied with the parts you got, press the right mouse button, go lớn settings, & select load game (it’ll immediately load the last savepoint we created in Step 1)Step 4. Rinse & repeat steps 1 through 3 until you get good parts or are satisfied with what you got.Step 5. This is the most important part, so pay cthất bại attention. Once you have good parts, press the right mouse button, go to lớn settings, & select save game. This way you won’t thua any of your progress or good items. If you want lớn open more crates, go lớn step one and start all over again with the new crate.

Things lớn watch out for:

Even if you have sầu multiple crates in your inventory, open just one crate and not all of them. If you open multiple crates there’s a very real risk you’ll get perfect parts in crate number one but normal parts and barn maps in crate number two. Depending on how many mods you have sầu và your PC, this entire process I outlined above shouldn’t take you more than a minute per repetition, so it’s easy lớn follow.
Don’t forget lớn look for tuning parts of a higher unique because every +quality step gives that individual part a 10% power increase. An example: a normal turbocharger has a +10% power increase while a +4 quality turbocharger has +14% power increase.

What each level gets you

One last thing before we start wrap this article up. Here’s a danh sách of what each individual level gets you, in case you wanted khổng lồ grind your way up khổng lồ cấp độ 35 or were interested in what you were skipping by using cheat codes.

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Level 1 – A basic garage with 1-lifter, a tire changer, wheel balancer, spring puller, radio & phoneLevel 1 – One parking spot but you can buy more.Level 1 – A thử nghiệm trachồng. You can use khổng lồ diagnose broken steering, gearbox và suspension parts.Level 1 – A bonus traông xã called ‘Abandoned Airport’. You can use it to lớn play around with the cars in không lấy phí roam. A great place for some ‘doughnuts’.Level 1 – A race trachồng. Can be used for time trials around a loop trachồng.Level 1 – A car salon làm tóc, also known as a oto dealer. You can use it khổng lồ buy new cars.Level 4+ – This is the Garage Level II Upgrade. It includes the addition of a kiểm tra path & a repair bench to lớn your garage. The kiểm tra path is located in your cửa hàng, & can be found through the red metal doors right by your repair bench.Level 6 – The addition of barns. You can visit barns khổng lồ purchase cars in decent-to-poor condition. Typically there are only a few cars available at a time. Note: if you bởi vì an exceptional ‘special customer job’, you might receive sầu a barn earlier than cấp độ 6.Level 12+ – This is the Garage Level III Upgrade. It adds a 2nd lift và a parts warehouse. A welcomed addition is the engine lift system, as well as the engine stvà.Level 12+ – Adds everyone’s beloved garage customization. Allows you transsize & customize the garage to lớn your own liking.Level 13 – Introduces the junkyard. You can visit the junkyard khổng lồ purchase banged-up cars and find random used parts. Similar lớn a barn except there’s usually 6-8 vehicles at any given moment.Level 19 – Adds auctions. Visit auctions to lớn find cars in good condition which don’t require a ton of work. There’s usually anywhere between 10 to lớn 15 cars available at any given auction.Level 30+ – The Garage Level IV Upgrade. It introduces the paint cửa hàng, a third lift, a welder (can be used khổng lồ repair oto frames), & cleaning / detailing tools. At level 30 you also get a battery charger và a Dyno.Level 35+ – If you get to lớn màn chơi 35 you’ll be rewarded with the ability to repair body toàn thân parts yourself. This should help you fix most cars khổng lồ 100% without buying expensive sầu body toàn thân panels.

Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 Tips và Tricks

If you want to play the game in its entirety without using any cheat codes, or just want tips which will further improve your gameplay experience, here are some of the best ones I’ve managed khổng lồ find online. I’ve sầu browsed through a ton of forums & watched a lot of YouTube videos lớn give you the most insightful tips possible, all in one place. The tips are as follows, in no particular order of helpfulness or categorization.

Focus on core skills

If you’re not using cheat codes to gain levels and experience immediately, focus on core skills that will bring you the most net impact. I know you’ll have enough points khổng lồ màn chơi most things up by the kết thúc, but at the start, you want to focus on skills that will help you grow quicker. If you think a certain skill will get used once or maybe twice at best, then don’t màn chơi it up & just throw your points.
Good skills to lớn level up as soon as possible include but are not limited to: Wrench Speed, Repair, Store Discounts, Tablet, Garage Updates, and the Tablet. Skills you should NEVER màn chơi up at first include: Walking Speed, Customer Discounts, Svào Arm, and all Eagle Eye skills.I’m not saying don’t màn chơi these skills up ever, I’m just saying try lớn avoid wasting points on them at the start. Walking Speed, for instance, is pretty useless, since you don’t spover a lot of time walking. Even when you vì have to take a stroll once in a while, a fraction of a second or a second won’t make any difference lớn you in the grvà scheme of things.It’s the same thing with Eagle-Eye. The amount of time you spkết thúc visually inspecting parts is painfully negligible, so levelling up this skill is just a waste of points. I will say that Customer Discounts sounds like a good skill to cấp độ up at first, but it won’t make any difference in the long run. You’ll have so many jobs throughout the game you won’t see any real difference in income in the over.

Best way lớn grind experience

If you really want to lớn grind your way up và not use ANY cheats codes, I suggest sticking to lớn exhaust jobs. They take anywhere from 20 to 90 seconds lớn complete, and cash out 100 XPhường. each & every time. It’s still A LOT of time to lớn spkết thúc grinding, but it makes the entire orkhuyến mãi much more sensible.

Best way to get cash

If you’re strapped for money, just keep doing gearbox jobs. They usually take a couple of minutes lớn finish but they allow you to lớn buy everything well in advance. This means you can stoông chồng up on pressure plates, bearings, flywheels và clutch plates, & then just outright perform jobs without buying anything. Depending on the job, you can get anywhere between $1000 và $9000, which is a lot!Always choose rear-wheel drive sầu cars over front-wheel drive ones for gearbox-related jobs, since RWD vehicles require removing fewer parts. Not only are they twice as quiông xã to complete but they typically pay out a little bit more.

Putting in the hours

If you’ve decided to lớn grind it out & use no Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 Cheats, then good for you! You should note, though, that it will take you roughly 40 hours to reach màn chơi 30. Completing jobs for experience can be a bit dull, so I suggest taking on the occasional story mission here và there khổng lồ break up the monotony. If you get really fed up with grinding levels, grab a barn-find & restore it to its former glory.

Music makes a big difference

This one sounds ridiculous until you try it, but once you bởi vì, you’ll be questioning yourself why you didn’t think of it sooner. There’s a little stereo near the work area that plays music, và it comes with a preset number of radio stations. Bored of listening to the same songs over and over again? Try changing the station. My personal favourite is the Classic Roông xã station.

Reject jobs from time khổng lồ time

Don’t be afraid khổng lồ give sầu some jobs a pass, especially ones that seem difficult or tedious. Use your compression gauge or the OCD scanner khổng lồ scan cars and engines before taking on any job.

When khổng lồ buy crates

Barns are easy khổng lồ bởi since they only cost $100. Whenever possible, always buy the associated $200 crate from every barn you go lớn. There’s a method to get good parts, & I’ve sầu outlined it above, but even if you don’t use it, crates are still worth their price tag. Staông xã up on crates as soon as possible since they’re more valuable at the beginning. By the time you hit cấp độ 35, you’ll turn down most customer jobs, which means crates will be significantly harder to come by. Work smart, not hard: use your money to buy crates instead of your time.

Careful with barn maps

If you plan on buying any DLCs, save your barn maps and open them then. This will increase your chances of landing the car you want & you won’t be stuck with just a ton of barn maps.

Repairing FTW

If I had to lớn choose the most valuable skill, I’d definitely say Repair is the best skill in the game. There’s one catch though: avoid repairing until you’ve levelled it to 85% or more. The game wants you to start repairing sooner, but it doesn’t make a ton of sense to lớn bởi vì so. This is important because repair is based on the part’s original condition. I’ll give you an example. If you need lớn repair a part lớn 100% but you need khổng lồ clichồng repair four times because you don’t have sầu Repair levelled enough, it’s pointless. Once you reach 85% Repair or more you can start repairing parts. One crucial note: parts below 15% can’t be repaired, so feel không tính phí to lớn sell them. Most of the game’s consumables can’t be repaired either, and these include pistons, brake pads, rotors, drums, pushrods, bushings, rings, etc.

Avoid the ‘Minimum repair’ pitfall

The game wants you khổng lồ get crafty with your parts usage, so it gives you an incentive to use used parts on cars with a minimum repair level. In reality, this is almost never the case since you either don’t have any good used parts or the game has a high minimum part condition. Either way, if you’re using Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 Cheats, you’ll have sầu the best parts available all the time!We hope this extensive article helped you find the best Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 Cheats. For other games & interesting articles, please take a look at our other posts & nội dung this article if you found it interesting.

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