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The iconography of the brasses reveals that the family"s commemorative discourse of death left room for different emphases in self-imaging.
I find it difficult lớn believe sầu that it took three days khổng lồ remove sầu the paint from these brasses but inquiries are being made inlớn this.
There is insufficient flying training, & we are losing pilots because they are getting brassed off & there are openings for them in civil aviation.
Bismuth bronzes and brasses are more malleable, thermally conductive, & polish better than regular brasses.
The memorials include two brasses in the sanctuary, và there is a ledger slab dating from the middle of the 18th century in the chancel.
The brasses are firmly fixed lớn the original slab of grey marble by apparently the original fastenings.
A microphone or loudspeaker is attached lớn the over of each pendulum và electronic music (sampled brass instruments) is heard from the loudspeakers.
The sustained chords maintain a constant orchestration và also undergo constant rhythmic variation with the woodwinds and the brass each grouped together.
The brass bvà played what the ordinary band played, so we knew all the tunes from our normal repertoire.
In order to study the effect of nozzles on different gas density configurations, different kind of brass nozzles in shape và form size are machined.
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Các từ bỏ thường được áp dụng cùng rất brass.

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In this amalgamation there is no common factor at all to be found except, as has been said, in the brass button.

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Fixed ammunition combined a primer, the pre-measured charge, và the projectile in a water-resistant brass cartridge case.
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