Bang Bang Lulu

"Bang Everythang" with our amazing sauces!

Our Joyce’s Lulu Bang Sauces are all guaranteed to lớn enhance the flavor of any of your favorite foods, whether it’s fish, chicken, or beef, pasta, rice or salads. We are confident that we have crafted the right combination of herbs and spices khổng lồ enrich your favorite dishes và leave your family members, friends and guests wanting more.

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Savvy Sisters “Bang” Shark Tank!

Afraid of nothing, two sisters took a leap of faith & made a decision that would alter the course of their destinies with a simple audition on one of the most watched Reality TV shows on prime television, "Shark Tank". The journey started back in 2012, when Jorrae Beard, the originator of Joyce’s LuLu Bang, was exhausted with her sauce options & decided to lớn create a sauce of her own. Together with her eldest sister, Kelly Beard, the two turned an amazing sauce into a business that would revolutionize the way people experienced food. Their bold proclamation of "We Bang EveryTHANG" was not only a catchy phrase but served as the launchpad lớn their fate with destiny and garnered them an opportunity of a lifetime....

Discover their Story!


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Lulu Bang is currently stocked some of your favorite stores through out the East Coast, with more locations being added in the near future.

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 What started out as a social gathering where friends would meet lớn sample some culinary ideas of one young woman named Jorrae, would turn out khổng lồ be the launchpad of an amazing sản phẩm line of culinary delights which naturally progressed into catering & restaurant ownership. From that evening Joyce’s Soulful Cuisine, a Veteran, Woman và Minority owned business was birthed and continues lớn this day khổng lồ be an award winning catering company that specializes in gourmet sauces, specialty dishes, và unique recipes such as Joyce’s Lulu Bang Sauce, Seafood Fried Rice, & our award winning, Lulu Bang Wangs (wings) that have people driving hundreds of miles to lớn enjoy.