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Arrival Notice (Notice of Arrival)

In respect of international cargo transportation from the USA LCL, an Arrival Notice (Notice of Arrival) is the document issued by ocean freight carrier"s destination agent to the consignee (the recipient of internationally shipping goods) và khổng lồ their notify parties, if any, khổng lồ insize that cargo is arriving at the destinations.

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Arrival notice provides details of the arriving cargo corresponding with the sea freight bill of lading related to lớn the international shipping. It should also provide charges related lớn the recovery of importing from the USA goods. It should also provide the initial instructions related khổng lồ the recovery và a list of necessary documents. It should contain:

Commodity description,Sailing details,Destination country customs related charges,Ocean freight carrier"s agent"s tương tác details,LOT number associated with the arriving cargo,Initial instructions on the import recovery, etc.


Please keep in mind that an Arrival Notice is NOT a freight release document. Arrival Notice is a document that allows the consignee to lớn tệp tin the entry of importing goods into lớn the commerce zone of the destination country và initiate the import recovery under the law of the country.

Also, please keep in mind that, due lớn Customs regulations, the carrier"s destination agents typically tương tác you upon arriving your cargo at a port of entry, but to lớn the place of delivery as in your bill of lading. Then you have sầu to begin working with the agent khổng lồ get your cargo to lớn the place of delivery without delay. At this time, you may conduct with the agent delivery of your cargo "to your door,"if necessary.

Parties involved in import recovery

The consignee (in respect of import recovery called Importer of Records),Destination’s country officials (Destination country"s Customs, Government agencies that may concern imported goods, Customs & border protection officers, etc.),An international ocean freight carrier"s destination agent,A Customs broker licensed in the destination country. Most of the time, the ocean freight carrier"s" agent is the Customs broker as well.,Other parties related khổng lồ the import recovery and delivery (if necessary) "to the door" of the recipient of the importing goods: domestic freight forwarders, bonded và local warehouses, local cargo transportation companies, etc.

Please note that import recoveries in international shipping are a complex và time-sensitive sầu process. Even though most of the countries over the world allow consignees (importers of records) lớn work on cargo recoveries directly with the Customs, unless you are not a professional, it is a good idea lớn work on the recovery with the international carrier"s agent or hire a licensed in the country customs broker.

Moreover, if shipping from the U.S. freight LCL, unlike with FCL, you always have sầu an ocean carrier"s agent responsible for the de-consolidation of your cargo. You should avoid the headabịt and/or extra charges that may occur in the event if you fail in your destination country"s import recovery procedures for a reasonable fee.

Please keep in mind that if, for any reason, you forgot about or missed arriving of your importing goods, that does not mean that the destination country"s officials will forget about that.

Wait for, and vì chưng not miss an arrival notice.

As a rule, an arrival notice in your shipping from the USA should be issued to lớn your consignee & a notified các buổi party several days before your goods will be entered in the commerce zone of the destination country. Therefore, you should have time lớn prepare for import recovery.

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An Arrival Notice should be emailed or faxed to the consignee and/or khổng lồ the notify tiệc ngọt (if any). Expect it on/in a few days before ETA in your shipping from the USA. Do not miss it! Upon receipt of the arrival notice, start working on your cargo recovery with the ocean freight carrier"s destination agent without delay. Keep your eyes on your cargo recovery! Do not let it go out of your control.

If, for any reason, you will not receive an arrival notice as expected, then liên hệ the ocean freight carrier"s destination agent as in your bill of lading on/in a few days before your cargo ETD (Estimated Time of Arrival). If the agent has not yet received information about your arriving cargo, then gmail or fax them a copy of your bill of lading. Reconfirm your tương tác information, & wait for the arrival notice.

Do not ignore or delay your cargo recovery at the destination.

IMPORTANT!!: Since you decided lớn ship goods from the U.S. overseas, you must clearly understand that as soon as your goods exit the U.S. Commerce zone, U.S. laws bởi not apply to lớn your freight. Neither U.S. freight forwarder nor ocean freight carrier will be able khổng lồ assist you in your import recovery overseas. Ocean freight carrier"s destination agent should guide. However, the agent is not a U.S. business. No one but your consignee (in respect of import recovery professionally called Importer of Records) can be aware of & work on issues that may lead to problems with your importing goods at the destination.

Yes, International Maritime Laws should apply to lớn your freight. But depending on the country that you ship to, the Laws may be interpreted in different ways. Do not say about other subjective factors peculiar only to your destination country.

Most of the time, with LCL freight, you bởi vì not need lớn hire a destination country"s customs broker. Carrier"s destination agent is the customs broker, as well. However, we suggest that your first step should be to lớn apply for help from an independent customs broker licensed in the destination country in case of problems.

What can we suggest to lớn you if, for some reason, you will experience problems with the recovery of your LCL sea freight shipment at the destination?:

If, for any reason, you will not be contacted by the sea freight carrier"s destination agent on/in a few days before ETA (Estimated day of Arrival), vị not wait & tương tác them first. The liên hệ info is in your bill of lading.Always request a legal Arrival Notice. Your Arrival Notice must be dated and contain the agent"s letterhead and destination charges breakdown. Phone calls or random emails are not enough.Properly work with sea freight carrier"s destination agent. Respect the agent"s job. Their business is khổng lồ get your goods for you as soon as possible. Follow the agent"s instructions. Pay destination charges and fees (sometimes called Local Charges) and possess your released goods.If you face a problem with your shipping from the USA, vì chưng not hesitate khổng lồ contact us. However, if you will not provide a copy of your legal Arrival Notice, most likely, we are unable to work with the carrier on your behalf. I.e., we will always need a copy of your Arrival Notice.

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Remember: Import recoveries are time-sensitive! As quickly you begin working on it, as less probably that you will get the deadline penalties: storage, demurrage, Customs penalties, etc.

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